Ten Year Plan

 Below you will find a list in no particular order of things I am hoping to achieve in my “naughty forties”. 
Just watch me start crossing things off this list!
The ones crossed off should link you back to my different stories.
 As of 1st January 2012

Climb the Eiffel Tower #5

Bike ride around Tuscany      

Spend 1week in Buthan

Learn the Salsa with hubby

Visit Lake Louise, Banff Canada         

Write a Children’s Book

Have my varicose veins removed #3

Have my varicose veins removed #3

Visit Machu Picchu #4

Watch the ball drop in NYC

Learn sign language

Meet MJF

Start a business & earn a living

Own property in Sorrento, Aust

Renew my wedding vows in my wedding dress

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge with my BFF

Camp at Uluru

Be a contestant on Aust. The Amazing Race

Visit Alaska

Visit Alaska

Run a marathon

Run a marathon

Ride a camel at Cable Beach Broome, Aust

Ride a camel at Cable Beach Broome, Aust

Learn to speak Spanish #2

Write a TEN YEAR PLAN #1

Adopt a dog

Design & Build my/our own home

Attend a red carpet event

Own a wardrobe that fits me properly!!

Complete my diploma of Counselling course

Reduce my carbohydrate intake in my diet

Get physical ! Workout! Sweat! Do something!

Read 10 books in a calendar year

Flip a house (or two)

Vote YES to have a disclaimer when photoshop has been used on our models & celebrities in advertisements

Always remain a positive girl with a positive outlook on life

Make sure you check back in with me every so often and see how I am doing.
Wish me luck!
Cheers, SorrentoMoon







  1. takemyfoolishadvice · June 24, 2012

    I’ll promise to incorporate exercise in my daily routine and run the NY marathon only if you promise to be my partner on Amazing Race. Everyone thinks I’m crazy for wanting to do it! Good luck to you my dear. Cheers ~AWalk


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