In Summary


On this page I guess I am trying to give you a brief summary of what you might find here at SorrentoMoon, no worries if it’s not for you – enjoy your day and don’t forget to say HELLO to a stranger, it may be the best thing that’s happened to them all day.

I am having difficulty describing what this blog is about, so let me put it to you another way.

She is a clean casual dresser, occasionally you may find she will frock up, not too worried about brands & labels, accessories are present but very minimal – Quality over quantity a must.  Her interests are

Mother Daughter Relationships,
Having good Self-Esteem, self awareness
Living the Life you are suppose to live,
Learning about people and what makes them tick,
Real Estate & Home design (she loves a floor plan that works),
Creating, editing, enjoying and making lifelong memories,
How is she doing so far? Overall I hope you liken SorrentoMoon to that quiet coffee shop that doesn’t get too crowded, serves quality coffee and always has something interesting to read – even if the pages are from years ago and you may have read them before.
Cheers, SorrentoMoon


I can also be found here


One comment

  1. Melissa · August 21, 2011

    Love your work 🙂 You never cease to amaze and inspire me!! Much love Mel xx


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