What if ?

My mind is currently on fire at the moment, I think it has something to do with the change in seasons – we are slowly moving into springtime here in the UK and the sun is actually shining for more than 2 minutes a day, and to me, everything is better when the sun shines bright!

As a little girl growing up in ‘burbs’ of Melbourne, Australia, I had it pretty bloody good. Middle class, always food in the fridge, (fancy food if visitors came over) and never over scheduled on weekends.  Looking back, what I remember the most, is a very peaceful existence.

Enter the teen years.

Not much changed.

Life was still pretty bloody good.

I remember being about twelve or thirteen, I was walking through the Bulleen Village shopping centre hand in hand with my mum some random day after school, we were headed off to have our coffee and iced chocolate treat (a regular occurrence for mum and I – such a special memory to have now as that grown up girl) when some sort of light bulb went off in my head alerting me to the fact my mum was roughly 10 years older than all my friend’s mums’ (punctuation was never my strong point ‘s s’) and that I needed to cherish the years I have with her not fight them like my other teenager friends.

So that’s what I did, I strolled through my teenager years building a good relationship with my parents and enjoyed having them in my life (and still do – 79 years strong and 80 years stronger!!!)

Now enter my twenties!

Rock on!

I loved my twenties!

What can I say, this time in my life was awesome.  Mum and Dad semi-retired about 2 hours out of Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula, and my sister was looking for company in her rental apartment – so age 19 I found myself with full-time employment for a pretty fancy Marketing agency in South Yarra, getting good money and living away from home.  While all my friends (lets be serious I really only had two or three real friends) were studying partying at Uni.

Days and nights were ours.

Cars, boyfriends, money, nightclubs, pubs, late night KFC drive through visits, weekends to myself (or not), laughter and more laughter till we peed our pants, it just rocked!

Slight hiccup, I fell in love with the wrong boy, he broke my heart, I took far too long to ‘shake it off’ experienced rapid weight loss and became a little defensive when communicating with the opposite sex.  On reflection this was all in preparation for meeting Mr Right and when I did, the fireworks were electric (still are if your asking!!!)

Being 20 something, sits in my memory as such a carefree way of living.  I smile every time I think about my twenties, I feel light headed and sometimes giddy when I place myself back in time.  I shared most of those days with my BFF Netty, and met my Mr Right a couple of weeks before my 23rd birthday, and they are both still very much apart of my life today.

Enter 30’s.

Long and short of it – I had 4 kids across 2001 to 2009, and moved house 6 times. (currently living in our 10th house, if you’re wondering) That my friends, is how I see my thirties. Nothing more to add.

Onto my 40’s, the decade still in the making.

So the question I pose to you all is….

What if?

What if my best days were behind me now, what if life would plato from here on out.


That doesn’t sit too well with me, I get a little too scared to think the line in the sand has reached its peak and now it’s on a downward slide.

That can’t be it, grow up, play up, have babies and then give up?

Here at SorrentoMoon I have had the most wonderful time being able to express my inner most thoughts to the world (knowing only a handful of family members and friends really see my stuff)  Once I hit publish I am another kilo lighter and I always feel refreshed after I have sent my message into the universe.

To me, SorrentoMoon is my way of detoxing my mind, but I am looking for more.

I am looking for that side of me that used to laugh till she peed her pants, I don’t want to regress back there again, I just want to put a 40 year old spin on that 20 something gal who knew how to have fun.

It is a work in progress, life is a work in progress, but I think I am getting closer to what it looks like – I have been spending time on adding yet another blog site to my collection – It is going to be a hub spot for SorrentoMoon and CelebrateYOU! cards. (and loads more)

It will be a place where I can showcase all the different aspects of my personality that are busting to get out and party but haven’t had anywhere to go for a long time.

I am designing the website myself (mainly because I am too tight to pay someone to do it) so it is taking me a little longer to iron out the small stuff (something a professional would do in 5 minutes is taking me days).

So can I count on my loyal SorrentoMoon fans, followers & friends to stick with me and hang in there until launch day? (date yet to be determined)

I am so excited to get this side of me out into the universe and then see what bounces back at me.

Wish me luck, I need it!!! If I hit a road block I might walk away (I have a tendency not to complete things if it’s all too hard)

Cheers, SorrentoMoon

PS – For those of you who click onto my blog site you will have noticed a slight facelift here at SorrentoMoon and those of you who read directly from the email, have a quick visit and let me know what you think.


A letter – to no one in particular

Dear friend,

How’s things?

Well what I really wanted to ask is, how’s life?

How is it, really ?!

Are you reading this in the car waiting for school pick up, maybe you are sitting at your desk under the dim light of a small lamp, or perhaps you just found a spare moment so you sat down with your brewed coffee and morning pleasure.

I’m so glad you are taking the time to read this, I keep thinking I should reach out and touch base but I am just not sure where to start or if my words will be welcomed.

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Not without my children – Anne’s story continues


Back in November 2013 I introduced you to my friend Anne (click on her story here)

When I transport myself back to that time in my life I begin to sweat and my breathing gets laboured.  Still to this day I have never been apart of something so traumatic – watching a mother have her children ‘stolen’ from her with no evidence outlining Anne to be an unfit mother was preposterous to me, to Anne, and everyone else who heard about her situation.

Anne’s life continued like this for more than thirteen weeks and no authoritative figure (spanish or english speaking) could tell her when her children would be returned.  Anne never gave up, her survival instincts just grew stronger and stronger, the expat community who were privileged to Anne’s circumstances rallied around and provided her with food, money, spiritual healing and comfort when her darkest hours closed in on her.

What Anne experienced during this time in Santiago Chile is too long and detailed to describe here.  Besides, that is Anne’s story to tell when she is ready.  What I can say is, no amount of ‘foul play’ that was directed at her could slow Anne down and stop her from pursuing her ultimate goal of having a one-way ticket back to Canada for her and her children.

Canada is a place of hope – it represents freedom for Anne, where her rights as a mother, and a women can be heard fairly and without prejudice.  It is the birth place of her children.  In Canada Anne can never have her children ‘stolen’ from her again, she will be safe, fed, warm, receive shelter and have access to her money.

Back home in Chile every morning when Anne placed her feet on the ground she wondered if today was the day she would hold her kids in her arms. She sent many prayers to her lord and in the depths of her despair she still found time to pray for the people in her birth country displaced by famine and those needing medical attention.

You just could not break Anne’s spirit.

The longer I have Anne in my life I realise it is in her DNA. Strength, resilience, determination, faith, love, honesty, fairness, equality and the undying love of children encompasses her total being.

She stands tall, she walks tall, and she lives with strong faith that all would be repaired.  God Bless her, because I couldn’t see past the blur of distrust, dishonesty, lies, and hate that her estranged side of the family was bowling at her EVERY.SINGLE.DAY !!

I will never forget this date, Friday December 20th, 2013 – the day when Anne would get her wish, she would exit Santiago Chile on the same plane as her children (and estranged husband) – although he did everything in his power to make sure it wouldn’t happen, even right up to boarder control (hiding children in the airport, oh it goes on….)

Anne’s faith and perseverance paid off, the light in Anne’s future was beginning to illuminate brightly once again. This woman would not be knocked down, she would finally get to be with her children on a plane bound for Canada.

I embraced my friend for the very last time, part of me didn’t want her to leave – I felt like her protector and I was so scared for her that nobody would be there for her in Canada.  Who would look out for her when I will be so far away.  The other part of me was “would you just get on that plane and get the hell outta here, go on and get and take all your shit with you”

I moved towards the exit doors at the Santiago International Airport and waited for them to part like Moses was dividing the Red Sea.  I walked out into the open air, my lungs emptied with all the pain I was carrying for my friend, my heart filled with joy to see a mother and her children reunited. I did a little heel click, kissed the air and I shouted upwards to the sky –

“gimme an amen sista – I can’t hear you!”


The expat housewives of Santiago did it, we got Anne on that plane, destination Canada, and hope for her future.

Anne’s story is ongoing, she is living a full life in the West’ish coast of Canada, she has shared custody with her children, she is studying, has wonderful friends to support her and believe in her and she is pursuing her amazing musical career.

One day I hope Anne will pen her life stories in a book, for all women to hear and read.  Her story from childhood in Sierra Leone to life beyond the ‘theft’ of her children is an absolutely triumphant story to be told, and it is my dream that every women will get the chance to know it.

On this International Women’s Day 8th March 2015, what better way to recognise and celebrate all you Anne my friend have achieved.

God Bless you Anne, you are my hero.

Cheers, SorrentoMoon