Behind The Name


Sorrento Back Beach, Victoria AUSTRALIA

The anxiety I am currently feeling to write something extraordinary in order to capture my audience is freezing me in time.  I want to be able to highlight to you that I graduated with honours from both Secondary School and University, I want to say that I majored in Literature and have been composing short stories for most of my life, so creating a blog site to share my stories feels completely natural and organic to me.
Unfortunately that’s not the case, nothing in my ‘bio’ matches up to that fine set of credentials.  I graduated – just! I majored in “not trying too hard” and I have created a blog because I am living away from my friends and family and I am dying to talk to people about ‘the meaning of life’ and all the joy and or pain it brings.
I am a mum of four extremely vibrant young girls, a gorgeous husband without whom, I am positive my adventures through life would be dull and uninteresting.  I am currently experiencing my first, second, third,  posting living as an expat wife in Toronto Canada, Santiago Chile, London UK. We finally made it back home to OZ (July 2015) while life before consisted of seven homes in ten years across three different states within Australia.
Not having a familiar support network surrounding my daily life, I find myself spending a lot of time conducting a one dimensional conversation.  My head space is getting too crowded for me to complete this journey on my own, so I figured I would open it up to the universe and see where it takes me.
The significance with SorrentoMoon is my ‘happy place’.  The first sixteen years of my summer vacations were spent making memories and staring at the actual Sorrento Moon in Victoria Australia, so whenever I take myself there it brings me nothing but complete peace and stillness to my ever evolving life.
Here’s hoping we can celebrate the journey together.

Cheers, SorrentoMoon


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