5 things an expat kid should never say to their family and friends back home

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Bunch most of the expat kids together in a room and it’s pretty fair to say their stories about life on the road travelling across the globe would all sound very similar.

Plonk them in a room full of old school buddies or around a family Christmas table and maybe just maybe they sound a tad  pretentious. (unintentionally of course)

So here’s 5 things our expat kids should never say to their family and friends back home.

5. You travel coach when you are flying, what’s it like back there?

4. Euro Disney is soooooooo over-rated compared to all the other Disney parks I’ve been too.

3. Our school camp this year is Egypt, it should be interesting going again – this will be my third time.

2. It would be nice to just stay home for the school break instead of another holiday rushing around all over the place.

and finally something I think the kids should avoid saying to those back home………

1. oh you went camping, that sounds nice – We ‘popped’ over to Paris for the weekend.







  1. DianneCowling · March 4, 2015

    Any one of those would be nice to be ABLE to say and be true ha ha – keep up the good work xoxoxox


  2. WT · March 5, 2015

    love it!!! keep them coming…how about us poor ex expat ‘kids’ (the adults!) who are pinning about their previous life..i want back!! 🙂


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