Nineteen years in the making

 “You’re a dick”

“Yeah, well you’re a bigger dick”

“This is over!”

“Ohhhh this is soooo over!”

Slam goes the front door and off I storm, only to get to the top of the outdoor staircase.

knock knock, “umm yeah (tail between my legs) can you drive me to the airport.”

That was January 1996, 19 years ago, then boyfriend and I stood on the second floor balcony of his Marlborough Street flat in Brighton South Australia dissolving our 2 years and then some relationship.

The tension in the car as he drove me to catch my plane was awful. The silence shattering.

He did the drive through thing, (well he stopped to let me out) and I did the don’t look back thing, even though my heart was aching and I was blinded with the continuous stream of tears rolling down my face.

I walked inside found a seat and buried myself into it while I waited for my plane to board.  When boarding started I was to distraught to stand in line so I waited for the final boarding call.  With 5 minutes to closing time ‘boyfriend’ came running down the departure lounge hoping to change my mind, wondering if we where doing the right thing. It was too late I said and boarded my plane.

Once back in my hometown surrounded by those who loved me unconditionally I realised I needed to shake up my norm, do something out of my comfort zone to try and get past the hurt I was feeling towards the sudden death of my then troubled relationship.

I was twenty something years old, newly single and cashed up, so I booked a ticket to Europe.

I didn’t leave until May/June some five months later, and in that time ‘boyfriend’ and I had reconnected through letter writing and late night phone calls.  Nothing serious, he was still in Adelaide and me in Melbourne so there was never the fear of falling back into old habits, we had the distance between us.

What it did do is force us to communicate on a completely different level.  Through our letter writing we discussed and discovered things about ourselves and each other that ordinarily may not have got a mention.  We didn’t have Skype or instant messaging back then, we actually needed to put a little thought and effort into what we wanted to say, and we did.

We really did.

We worked at it and we tried hard to strengthen the lost love between us.

It seemed to be working, we seemed to be working towards something, we just didn’t know what that something looked like.

So in the meantime I still took that trip to Europe.

Maybe it would be my last hurrah, maybe it would be the making of something new (for me) Finding my Romeo amongst the thousands of charming European men, or maybe it would be a chance to find my mojo and get back to where I was before everything went so ‘pear shaped’.

My time travelling around Europe was sensational. I had loads of fun, I saw so much, met people from across the globe and visited places I had seen in the movies, it was amazing.

Prior to leaving ‘boyfriend’ said if ever I wanted to call just ring and reverse charges, so I did.

I rang from ole’ London town, I rang from Austria, and again from Florence, I rang from a street corner in Switzerland, we spoke most of my trip, I wanted to share all the wonderful things I was doing with him.  I wanted him to be apart of my ‘once in a life time’ vacation.


I remember by the time we arrived into France I new that my holiday was going to be filled with amazing life long memories, the thing about memories is, they are always better when shared with loved ones.  So here I was standing at the base of an enormous masterpiece wondering whether I should conquer the quest and climb to the summit and take that moment in time by myself or wait and share that moment with a special someone.

I chose the latter.

I stood underneath this mighty structure known as the Eiffel Tower, raised my head upwards and said in a silent whisper that only my soul and my keeper could hear.

“if I am meant to see the view from the top, I will share it with the one that loves me for my forever”

I left France and continued on with my magical European tour with that little prayer tucked away for safe keeping.

Europe came and went and ‘boyfriend’ was standing there at the Melbourne International airport arrivals gate surrounded by my family holding a single red rose.  Once the crowd had dispersed he handed me the rose placed a soft kiss on my cheek and said never again, never again will you travel the world without him by my side.

“Well ain’t that the truth sista!”


‘boyfriend’ became ‘hubby’ I told him about my little whisper I made below the Eiffel Tower and he told me he would make it happen.

So I waited.

and I waited.

and I waited some more……….

BUT OH MY GOSH, it was worth the wait.

I made it.



and what do I say to that




Me 1996





Me 1996, view from Arc de triumph looking across to the Eiffel Tower






View from the top of the Eiffel Tower, February 2015








Reflection of the tower in a puddle, Feb 2015





Me, hubby (said ‘boyfriend’) and the tower – Paris, the city of love Feb 2015



  1. Celeste · March 3, 2015

    I love this. I love that you listened to your inner voice when you made that magical promise to yourself. I love that you carried it around with you all these years and that when the moment was right, the universe delivered. Beautiful


  2. Alison · March 3, 2015

    Ah, sweet. Although your neighbours 19 years ago may not have thought so!
    Congrats on weathering the storms, and making your lovely family.


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