Take your label and shove it!

Enough Already!


Warning – this posts is emotional, it’s written with blinkers on, and comes with a truck load of frustration from my behalf. (maybe those with little ones around or sensitive to foul language should turn away)

When is the world of modelling, fashion and beauty (to name a few) going to grow the fuck up and stop pinning models with labels.

Please tell me why.why.why do they continue to prefix the word model with adjectives like ‘plus-size’.

Come on, leave it the bloody hell out.  I have said it before story here and here and I will say it till it is no longer – these women are models, fashion models, beauty models, swimwear models, print models – they are gorgeous, stunning,  the camera loves them and they make a profitable living from their chosen career.

Can we please stop labelling them as ‘full-figured’ ‘plus-sized’ ‘curvy’.

Where does it come from, who is doing this and making it mandatory whenever these beautiful stand out women are splashed across our pages.  It is fear driven? – Are the magazines scared we will stop buying them because they used a model with more than skin and bone.

As long as this type of labelling is used it will continue to play with our heads and especially the minds of our young.  Highlighting one model from another as ‘plus sized’ I liken to being picked last for school team sports. High end verses plus size, better verses average – Get over it, try a different campaign – I know – use the ‘fuller figured’ women in your advertising material without highlighting her winning attributes and see how many bloody magazines you sell. Loads I bet!

I challenge you to go a step further and fill your entire magazines pages with these outstanding gorgeous women and then see if you need to continue to label her when you use her in a campaign.

Step by step changes should occur and these “plus size” (your words not mine) women can begin to infiltrate this industry and present as the norm.

If you truly think there is no room for change and it remains important for you to run your campaigns with ‘plus-size’ please please please use ‘wafer thin’ next to everyone else.

Finally, congratulations to Ashley Graham for her Sports Illustrated campaign issue due out February 9th. Next step for Ashley Graham is to grace us with the front cover and have not a word anywhere attached with her photo’s that says ‘plus size’ ‘curvy’ ‘full figure’.

“Nothing changes if nothing changes”









  1. Alison · February 7, 2015

    Wafer-thin, awesome. Let’s start s campaign to get everyone to comment “wafer-thin” on every super skinny photoshopped model they see.

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  2. hannahsaul53 · March 18, 2015

    I have posted a few things about similar topics and I completely agree with you! Why does a women have to have a label in order to be beautiful? Why can’t she just because beautiful because she is beautiful. When they call a model plus sized or even curvy it is a label that makes it as if they are less. Like oh, she’s pretty for a plus sized women. Why can’t we just say, wow, she’s beautiful?!


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