Help Needed – TMI Overload

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Phew, what a day!

What a day I have had today, and it’s not even half one in the afternoon.

Carrot and ginger soup is sitting on the stove waiting for hungry girls to come home late in the evening from their dance practice and basketball game.

I have a plastic zip lock bag of homemade butter cookies along with homemade ABCD muffins thawing on the kitchen counter ready for snack time – all this while I am sipping on a homemade fruit smoothie.

Along with this mornings efforts I am trying to get chocolate spelt flour muffins into the oven, but keep getting pulled to my laptop to write this blog post, and I am running out of time because I need to be at school for a Grade 1 assembly where our littlest one is staring in her first speaking role of a short performance.

Oh and I forgot to mention, I also cracked opened a coconut (done in the oven) to get ready for my CADA breakfast mix.

Ok, you are going to have to hold that thought I really need to get these spelt flour choc muffins into the oven.

Be back soon.


Hi.ya I’m back and on the other side of the evening meal.

I just re-read my introduction – I was a little self indulgent wasn’t I? Actually I was probably ALOT indulgent, come to think of it the entire piece makes me sound totally pretentious. OUCH!

What was it?  Was it the fact that I mentioned I had already made dinner ahead of time, or was it that my snacks were homemade or could it have been that I said “spelt flour” twice in the same blog piece?

I know I get it.

TMI! TMI! – (hey mum, that means To Much Information….she’s nearly eighty, you’ve got to spell it out for her)

Scratch the surface and what you see here is a SAHM (stay-at-home-mum) trying to feed her kids well and run a household with ‘some what’ control and order with a side dose of a fun loving sense of humour.

Dig a little deeper and this mum is actually struggling with the pressures of being a SAHM in the year 2015. Never in my life have I ever felt the pressures of the outside world as much as I do today.  I pride myself on ‘keeping it together’ in good times and bad.  My strengths growing up have always been  – ‘never give a damm about what other people think of me’.  It has been a totally liberating way of life to live.

Until now that is!


It’s my vice, I am connected everyday, I choice to be connected everyday and suffering from a severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out) makes it extremely difficult to remove myself from my ever revolving (at high speed) networking world.

Because I allow myself to have a ‘newsfeed’ on Facebook that is filled with ‘celebrities’ ‘experts’ ‘guru’s’ and ‘friends’  all guiding me/us on how to

‘have an amazing life’

‘stay in  control’

‘quit sugar’

‘eat like a caveman’

‘look good’

‘stay calm’

‘find inner peace’

‘raise great kids’

‘have better sex’

‘be a modern day mum’

‘cook like Nigella’

I find myself comparing and sometimes competing with non existence others. Surely that can not be healthy for the soul?

While it is beyond fantastic that we can have unlimited access to information in all forms – the good, the bad and the ugly – how do we stop ourselves from reaching breaking point or information overload?

At one point I found myself with 9 different tabs open from the internet, a paleo expert telling us what not to eat and all about the chemical crap that can be found in the foods of today (scared the shit out of me, it really did) another expert telling us how to eliminate sugar (IQS) from our diets while eating some of the foods the paleo diet tells us to stay away from. Huh? Along with these experts I had Quirky Cooking opened on how to feed your kids a pasta meal without giving them pasta – is that an oxymoron? and there were others, what to wear if you are 5ft 4in and under (that’s me), and when is it too early to take your Christmas decorations down, blah blah blah on it went.


Arghhhhhhhhhhhh, make it stop, make it all go away.  All this information is making me forget who I am, what I really like and how I wish to live in this world.  I am forgetting to be me and trying to become someone that doesn’t exist, or do they?

Is there people living on the paleo diet that have hoarding problems, or maybe live with OCD (that’s what I want to see – someone who hasn’t got their shit together but eats healthy) – are all sugar free lovers skipping along in life with no financial problems, are they worried about how they are going to pay the school fees or is life just grand because they stopped eating sugar. Am I the only short woman of the world who thinks elastic waisted jeans for someone in their forties is just WRONG! and where does Jo Whitton from Quirky Cooking do her grocery shop – when I read her recipes I might as well be reading mandarin because I have never heard of half the food items let alone know where to source them from.

I do not know what the answer is, I do not want to disconnect from the information available to me, so how do I feed the need without trying to become a small percentage of many and forgetting to be 100% me?

All and any feedback is welcome.












  1. lisa · January 23, 2015

    I hear you!
    I have similar internal self pressures, with gluten and dairy intoleranceS in a world without normal GF bread! YIKES
    I have just spent a small fortune on stocking the pantry and now it all means baking like Nigella in a manic frenzy just to get a lunch box and after school snack! Then there is pinterest with so many recipes I get overwhelmed and google eyed and I just end up opening a packet of something sugary and premaid to console myself in my anxiety! So I don’t get round to it…
    Not to mentioned. We are having with the bare essential kitchen kit with no muffin pans, because everything is on the sea shipment somewhere out there! I GET IT.
    Linked to this is the guilt of opening that sugary packet of calories which will require more than the daily jog with the dog to move it off my hips!
    Otherwise life is great if I just remove my pressure! Xxx


    • lisa · January 23, 2015

      Spelling! I’m on my tiny phone typing. Xxx


    • SorrentoMoon · January 23, 2015

      AMEN sista! AMEN!


      • Dianne Cowling · January 23, 2015

        Well I’m impressed – working at home raising your beautiful children and making a warm and loving home for them, is NOT a walk in the park! It takes careful planning and hard work with no definable hours or true financial recognition of all you do. Your children are getting the best possible childhood and will turn out to be valuable members of society with good morals a caring attitude towards others, a highly developed sense of fair play, will have respect in themselves and be able to recognize a good man when they finally get to that age. This will result in good marriages, happy children and kindness towards their parents when you get too old to do everything you are doing now. So pat yourself on the back – Well done oh good and faithful servant!
        I, too, have read many books on the subject of the right diet for ………. So many reasons but in the end the best book I have ever read (and I wish I had it thirty years ago) was the Trim Healthy Mama book by two sisters, Pearl & Serena. It is THE most informative book I’ve ever read and actually gives the science behind the foods, how they work in the body and the differences in diet for different AGES and circumstances. Reading this put all the other books into perspective & I now FINALLY UNDERSTAND. Did you know I have lost 40 kilos, am healthier than I have ever been and have turned back the clock in age. I think I look younger and I certainly FEEL about 30 years old now – not bad for a 67 1/2 young woman!
        One thing I have done is to just substitute – so where a quick and easy recipe called for something that is NOT in my eating regime any more I simply substitute for an ingredient that is! SIMPLE!
        I can email you some of my own made up recipes if you like – I like quick and easy AND tasty of course.
        I love your blog! I’m so enthused I’m looking at starting my own.
        This has come about because I now have something to say!
        I’ve been researching my father’s war records and reading up on what happened and where in his time as a POW! WOW! It is an amazing journey – it is any wonder that any of them came home.
        I want to start at the beginning – BEFORE the war – what shaped my father into the person that COULD survive such an experience AND go on living – time will tell if it’s of any interest to anyone else BUT me
        xoxoxoxox to all


      • SorrentoMoon · January 24, 2015

        Thanks Di for such positive feedback – yes you should start a blog….I write SorrentoMoon for me mainly, anyone that comes along for the ride well that is a bonus xx Be Well (40 KGs know that a story to write about)


  2. Alison · January 24, 2015

    Chocolate & spelt flour? Im sure there are some food police somewhere that would disapprove!
    How are things now the hols and family visits are over? I’m sure the girls are making friends and having a good time. How about you? Don’t spend all your time whipping yourself into a yummy mummy, make sure you have time for fun and friends too!


    • SorrentoMoon · January 24, 2015

      Hi Alison – great to hear from you – I have been watching your progress – you are up to 15mins on the bike now? All good here – girls making great friendship groups and doing well in classes. Yeah there is never a chance for yummy mummy here and you are right I do need to get out more with REAL people, although the UK weather isn’t lending itself for fun in the sun at the moment. All the best for a safe and quick recovery xx


  3. Alison · January 24, 2015

    15 mins twice a day. I’m being a good girl.
    Im afraid you’ll have to get used to the weather. Take up singing in the rain!
    Look after yourself!


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