Clueless in the Kitchen!

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Here’s a kicker – 15 years happily married, 4 gorgeous daughters and I probably have less than twenty different recipes that I can prepare from scratch on rotation.
1. Spag Bol
2. Stir fry’s
4. Toasties
5. Grilled fresh salmon in bread crumbs
6. Cottage cheese and spinach lasagne (thanks Vanessa)
7. Spinach dip in a cob loaf (thank Netty)
8. Chicken and corn pastry parcels (thanks Danielle)
9. Bubble and squeak (thanks Mum)
10. Homemade chicken nuggets
11. Chocolate and banana muffins (thanks Kezia)
12. Mashed potato
13. Once I made lamb shanks (thanks Kathryn)
14. Fried rice
15.  …….. and struggling to think of much more I have prepared more than once or twice
Just have a look at that lot, bloody pathetic isn’t!
I do not want you to panic, I do feed my family.  
Meal time in my house just kills me – If I didn’t have to feed my children and hubby EVERY.SINGLE.DAY  I would be rocking motherhood!!!!!
I don’t have meal plans, I wait for my kids to tell me they are hungry and then I attempt to prepare something with whats in my fridge.  I figure if I didn’t spend too much time planing and thinking about it then nobody can expect it to be a brilliant meal so when I bring it to the table and it is ok then we are all pleasantly surprised.  Win win really!!
With a passion I dislike reading recipes – I think it is because I am a very visual person and reading through a transcript of food items and different quantities just does my head in.  I read and re-read recipes, I even take the book over to my bowl and re-read just before I add the ingredient, just in case I read it incorrectly or mis-read a step.  I once was preparing a ‘tea cake’ from a box – basically ‘just add water’ ….. the box said 100 mls of water – I added 1000 mls of water and I didn’t even flinch I just added it – Now, any ‘normal’ person would have thought that was a tad too much water, right!
I am telling you I just don’t get recipes.
Teamed with the fact I truly dislike grocery shopping, so walking around a store looking for new and exciting food ideas just never happens – I get in and I get out and I pretty much put the same stuff in my trolley/cart week after week.  Not very exciting at all.
As it is deemed important to feed my children I have to face these challenges and after a while it really wears me down.  I know I am clueless in the kitchen and I am reminded of this every time my girls want to eat.  On the flip side I do have very independent girls – given I very rarely have meals prepared ahead of time – they have started fixing themselves their own meals. Bonus!
For 18 months now I have been eyeing off a product on the market that is supposedly going to turn my ‘world in the kitchen’ on its head.  I have had friends back in Chile talking about this machine like they have an additional child in the family.  Some friends have even mentioned it would be collected in a fire before husbands and animals.  
My sister has been using hers for around 12 months now and as a coeliac she speaks of cost savings and wider/diverse meal choices than ever before.
What am I talking about ……
A Thermomix by Vorwerk.
These machines are expensive, no change out of £1000 
It’s an investment.
It’s an investment I have been so hesitant about having, so I spent months researching and attempting to see where my every day life could benefit from owning a thermomix.
Well after months and months of talking this machine up, talking about it with my girls and hubby I finally took the step and entered the world of thermomix.  I have never been so excited in my life to have a kitchen appliance delivered to my house.
I received it earlier in the week I splashed water on it like some sort of religious ceremony and then welcomed it into my family.  I placed it on my bench top and then stood back and waited for it to perform miracles ……….
Mummy got a thermomix!

Mummy got a thermomix!

Did it, did ‘Thermie’ (as known in the Thermomix world) live up to all its hype or is its reputation larger than what it can deliver.
Well I guess that’s a journey we are going to have to take together to find out the answer.
So I guess by default my blog may become about ‘food’ or a place where disgruntled thermomix owners go to whinge about how ‘thermie’ did not perform as expected.
Only time will tell.
hmmm what will I cook for dinner tonight ? (well that’s a first, meal planning, well I never !!)


  1. Alison · October 16, 2014

    Cant wait to see what you do with it! I’m sure you can at least make your spag bol in it. 🙂


  2. Dianne Cowling · October 16, 2014

    Dear Denise

    How lovely to hear from you

    I don’t think you can be too clueless as your family are all fit and well and thriving – a sure sign you are doing a lot right

    Miss our times at the beach and your lovely girl’s concerts – shame it all comes to an end – I did look forward to our times together

    Maybe I could come down and spend a day with you all when you are next at the beach?

    Love to all and hope this finds you all well and happy


    Nanny Di Di



  3. Celeste · February 5, 2015

    I love this denise…. you crack me up especially when you said you splashed water on it and waited to see what miracles would happen. Your writing is so special, I know you say that you write for yourself, but more people should be touched by your writing.


    • SorrentoMoon · February 5, 2015

      Celeste you are too kind -THANK YOU! you just made my day. Love your dancing – been watching from FB – you are looking so healthy (must be all that Santiago Sun) Be well xx


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