Jimmy Barnes is starting to play “Khe Sanh”

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 In the 1990’s back home in Australia if you walked into an Aussie Pub at closing time the chances are you would have heard “Khe Sanh” blaring through the speakers.
It was the song that signified ‘last drinks’ the bar is closing in 5.
For the most part nobody cared that the bar was closing, everyone was more interested in embracing a stranger and hollering out the lyrics from the top of their voice.  It made all us drunk Aussies proud that Jimmy Barnes was ‘one of us’ (even though he was actually from Scotland)
If you had been spending the night at Aunty Sue’s 40th house party, the chances are ‘DJ Dan’ would have Frank Sinatra pumping out with New York New York to signify ‘last drinks’.  Aunt Sue would collect all her family and friends make a huge circle and start knee kicks and toe flicks so she can end her night on a high.
Then down the road there was the ‘blue light disco’ this was a hall disco supervised by the police for tweens.  When the clocked struck 10pm the DJ just stopped playing, no Khe Sanh, no New York New York, nothing, the music stopped, the lights came on and everyone went home.
School finishes this week.
Chapter Chile finishes in two weeks.
The ‘bubble life’ I have been living here in Santiago for the last two years is about to ‘pop’.
My party is soon going to be over and I am not sure what tune I want playing as it ends.
Living the expat life here in Chile has been an amazing adventure and now as it draws to a close the lump in my throat is swelling.
I have managed to connect with some absolutely wonderful people here in Santiago.  People who lives are so completely different to mine yet living this expat lifestyle we become more similar than not.
If I just turn on the lights and quietly leave out the back door, I can escape from all the heartache of saying goodbye I will avoid the tears and the realisation that these friendships are true and will be missed dearly.
If I throw on Frankie babe and have a dance around in a big circle with everyone, there will be minimal tears followed by ‘high kicks’ and laughter. It will still be hard to say goodbye.
But if I wait for Jimmy to play Khe Sanh, then for sure I will be up there dancing, screaming at the top of my lungs just how much ‘I lovve you’ and how much ‘you meannn to me’.  It will be an ugly site, I will be in a drunken stupor, I will make the crying face and I will STILL be sad to say goodbye.
There really isn’t a good way to end a party.
You can prepare for ‘last drinks’ and you know eventually that this time will arrive – you just can’t imagine how crazy difficult it will be and I know when I see your faces for the ‘last time’ this week a piece of me will be broken because I will not be seeing you again soon.
Thank you to everyone who has made my time here in Chile a blessed opportunity to remember.  
I will hold each and every one of you dearly in my heart.
Never Goodbye.
Always – Thanks for the memories!
Now click on the link – TURN IT UP and PLAY IT LOUD OK……last drinks in 5
Jimmy Barnes – Khe Sanh
Cheers SorrentoMoon

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