A letter to my fifteen year old self

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Hi there Me, wow fifteen years old.
It’s a pretty awkward time in your life, isn’t it!
I see you standing there in front of the mirror wondering if this is it.  
Wondering if this hairstyle, body, boobs, teeth, height (or lack there-of) is all you get to work with for the rest of your life.
Well can I just say at fifteen you are doing a good job.
You are navigating through some tricky times both at school and socially and you are asking a lot of questions, this sets you up for a bright and exciting future.
 Stay on track the rewards are brilliant.
It is really important you do not spend time worrying about hanging out with the ‘click’ at school, when you least expect it someone amazing will enter your world and stand by your side for (hopefully) your forever.  You two will become inseparable.  She will make you laugh so hard you pee your pants on numerous occasions (note to self – always carry a spare pair of knickers) You will be each others Yin and Yang and she will help you to better understand life as you live it through the eyes of a young adult (and beyond).  She is a gift sent from god, treasure every day you have with her.
Your twenties rock, actually I think to date your twenties hold some of the best memories you will carry through your life, so go on and have some fun!
You become independent pretty early in life, it suits you so don’t panic.  
Look, it’s probably fair to say you are a little confused about your career options and what lies ahead.  Can I just say, somehow it all comes together and you find yourself doing what you love at that given time in your life.  Be brave and seize the moment or go back to school and get a trade!
I should probably give you a heads up – Guys don’t bash your door down, but it only takes you two times to get it wrong, the third time he’s a keeper and when your worlds collide you better hold on tight because you are in for the ride of your life. 
Things will change in your thirties, I think it’s called maturing and like all things you have tackled before, you manage to transition into this age with ease.  
I won’t ruin the surprise for all that is coming your way, so lets just say houses and cars change. a lot. Whenever you give someone your address just tell them to write it in pencil – it’s much easier for them to erase.
Keep your family and friends close and never ever forget to take your camera with you where.ever. you go. 
Photos will be the key to your memories and allow people to see inside your world when perhaps they can not be close to your everyday life.
Life happens, love happens, shit happens, drama happens and the sun will rise in the morning.  Right up to your forties you have managed to allow adversity to make you a better person, keep up that way of thinking it makes it so much easier to smile in the depth of your darkness.
Live authentically and love life, it’s there for the taking.
Love Me xx oo
Cheers SorrentoMoon





  1. Fighting BED · June 8, 2014

    Such a brilliant idea. I may do this for a little therapy. Thanks for sharing yours.


    • SorrentoMoon · June 8, 2014

      you are most welcome – so glad you enjoyed !!! Good luck with your letter


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