Full Moon


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Do you ever sit and stare at the moon and just wonder does that oversized white ball in the evening sky have far more control over us mere mortals than we would like to think.
I do.
Many times I have found myself bewildered at the absolutely down right ugly behaviour of my children around bedtime – only to discover later when I pass by my brightly lit backyard that the moon is large and beaming a full glow across my corner of the world.
Argh! Now everything makes sense, my kids are all messed up because of the moon, right! (don’t answer that)
I have even heard nurses comment prior to the afternoon shift handover “beware tonight, there is a full moon”
I wish I took the time to understand more about it, I haven’t and I probably won’t, but I know there is something there.
Today was an unusually busy day for me, I was required to be in unfamiliar territory in the city of Santiago – a place I have managed to avoid during my time here in Chile.  
I really dislike leaving the safety of my ‘bubble’.
So, as to avoid any anxiety attacks or embarrassing meltdowns I gave myself  P.L.E.N.T.Y of time to get from A to B to C to D and back home again.
I was extremely proud on how well I was managing as I made my way towards the dark hole I call ‘downtown’ .
Sitting waiting at the traffic lights tapping my hand across my thigh, I let out a “C’MON hurry up!” to the traffic signals in the hope it may make it turn green.  It did, but I was halted in my tracks – there was a fire engine on a mission and I needed to stay out of his way.
Whenever I see a police, fire or ambulance heading to a unknown scene I always say a prayer for the safety of the people that are about to put their own lives at risk assisting others in their time of need.
Today was no different.
I said my prayer.
Unbeknown’s to me I followed the fire engine right into the middle of a horrible horrible crash site.  
I did what I could do to protect my daughters from witnessing anything horrific, I realised the emergency first responders were already on site so I continued on driving – Ready to punch out another set of prayers for the person pinned between the seat, the steering wheel and the brick wall that sat where the front of their car once was.  
What happened, how come they never got to arrive safely at their destination?
Oh lordly it was pretty messed up.
Fifteen minutes down another stretch of road the traffic build up was annoyingly frustrating – I hadn’t even left my bubble it was friday afternoon and I was crawling along at 5kms.
Finally I am down and around the bend in the road.
Another fire engine, another first responders team.  
What is happening, this is madness!
All I could see as I past by in the slow moving traffic was a man lying by the side of the road with a team of people working on him.
How did he get there, where was he going, why didn’t he get to arrive safely at his destination?
So off I went into praying mode asking to keep him out of pain and surrounded by people that could help him live.
I finally came to the top of Santa Teresa, the mountain I use as the visual point to where my ‘bubble’ ends and the outside world starts. The grip I have on my steering wheel always tightens when I make the downward descent. Winding down the mountain I slowly loosen my hold on the wheel and round the last bend before I enter the highway.
There lying in front of me is a huge ‘lori’ with a load full of soil splashed across the highway entrance – he has appeared to rounded the last bend to fast and ended sideways.  I couldn’t even see the cabin of the truck it was smashed into the side of the mountain.  
Oh my goodness this can not be happening – why are all these people experiencing such tragedy in their life T.O.D.A.Y all at the same time?
More prayers to my higher power – please watch over this man! Hold the hands of his family through this tragedy!
I continued on my way, I made my appointment with an hour to spare and I felt extremely blessed that I arrive safely at my destination and home again.
After I put my girls to bed later this evening I looked up at the moon and noticed it was a solid sphere with no hidden edges.  
Was that the reason why those three people didn’t make it to their destination tonight, was I sending my prayers to the wrong higher power, does the full moon have a ‘pull’ on us that we can not weaken even if we tried?
Next time the moon’s at full strength, maybe send it a little wave or a wink upwards to acknowledge its force and in return it may guide you safely to your destination.
Stay safe.
Sorrento Moon

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