Start With Why – Simon Sinek

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Those of you who know me well and those who have read along with SorrentoMoon would be able to see a pattern forming with my style of thinking –  I spend a lot of time talking about Why?
It is a great part of my make-up. 
From the littlest of littlest years of my life I remember being in an environment and worried more about better understanding the WHY of the situation, instead of just being a kid and enjoying the moment.
It was a happy time for me when I got to relax in the car and wait for mum to finish the grocery shopping, I would get to sit and watch how many times the car park next to me would change over – I would watch the people enter and exit the ‘Venture’ store (a wanna be Target shop in Melbourne Australia in the late 70’s & 80’s) all the time thinking – Why are you here, what brought you to the shops ‘right now’  – why did you end up parking in this spot, why did our paths cross today?
Still this pattern of thinking goes on inside my head, for the most part at the core of me I am happy with myself and how I live in this world and some days it just really really hurts.
A couple of days ago I came across Simon Sinek – google him (if you like) Simon’s TED talk has been viewed by over 15 million + views (there must be something in it)
Simon’s TED talk was in 2010 and he was addressing a majority of  women and men from the corporate world and the entrepreneurs out there.
He talks about how being a better business comes from a formula called ‘The Golden Circle’ Why. How. What.

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He talks about businesses generally getting this pattern of thinking around the wrong way, business tend to talk more about ‘What’ they do and ‘How they do it and leave little time spent on ‘Why’ they do it.
He goes on to mention that “People don’t buy what you do – They buy why you do it”.  They believe in you, so they will believe in your product/business.
Simon believes this style of thinking at its core is the difference between ‘leaders’ and ‘THOSE WHO LEAD’. In other words businesses who fall over or do ‘ok’ compared to those companies or organizations who reap ‘rewards’ have this style of thinking as their foundation of who they are and what they do.
Why am I re-hashing over someone else’s way of thinking. 
Why should you care about Simon’s theories – you are not in the market to start a business or become an entrepreneur. Who cares, move along – right? Wrong!
It is my belief that we all can become enlightened from what message Mr. Simon Sinek is projecting into our universe, if we listen a little harder, strip away the conversation addressed to the business woman/man and replace it with ME!
In our own life the majority of us have our own Golden Circle around the wrong way.
We start by asking ourselves;
What am I going to do with my life?
This question is engrained in our way of thinking from such an early age.  “What do you want to be when you grow up little one?” Argh!
How am I going to survive in life?
And naturally the world asks us, “so you want to be a billionaire that’s great, how are you planning to accomplish that?”
And finally Why!
A billionaire, why?
And in the famous words of Dr. Phil
“How’z that working for ya?”
Now lets reverse our ‘Golden Circle’ and start spending more time thinking from the core, the center, the middle, the gut and ask ourselves the toughest question first;
Why are we here?
ooh that’s a tough one, right off the bat, too hard, file that away!
Then ask yourself, How is it working for you?
Well things are pretty shitty at the moment, works work, homes home and the kids well …again too hard, file that away!
Finish off with, What are you doing about it?
Hmm well, I wasn’t thinking about it much – figured I will just keep on keeping on – same results different day!
Do you hear yourself there, it is really tricky to sit down and have a conversation with ourselves about why we are doing what we do when we don’t really believe in our cause or entitlement to have a wonderful, happy, joyous life.
Maybe if we spent more time teaching our young to listen to their gut or to follow their instincts and maybe if we stopped and questioned them every now and then about why “did you make that choose or decision” – it could better prepare them for their future life choices and more of the next generation will be living a life more fulfilled than any generation before them because they were equipped with the confidence and knowledge of
WHY they are here
How they are going to live in this world
What they are going to do about it.
If more of us had internal conversations and tackled questions that sit at our core about ourselves, we may be able to reap our own ‘rewards’ of living healthier, happier and longer lives.
Better still, with this belief that we are worth every breath of being here in this universe we would be able to lead our own life and inspire others around us to live the life they at the core want to lead.


  1. Dianne Cowling · February 25, 2014

    Thought provoking as always. When we truly grasp the ‘why’ we are here, our path is illuminated.


    • SorrentoMoon · February 25, 2014

      Thanks Di, great to hear from you. I just love trying to better understand the why, glad you enjoyed xx


  2. Bernie · February 27, 2014

    Love your work Sis 😘


    • SorrentoMoon · February 27, 2014

      really?…C mentioned he got lost with this one – wasn’t sure if I came across too ambiguous


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