Are you a ‘dream-taker’ or ‘dream-giver’ ?


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Bam here comes 2014.
Didn’t that just smack us in the face.
January has gone and February isn’t slowing down for me either.
It is back to life here in Chile after a wonderful vacation down under in OZ, back to my reality, back to my time thinking, wondering, questioning, sometimes just staring or star gazing or even Andes gazing.  
I love it here at the moment, as my surroundings are so conducive for me to really spend time on listening more closely to my inner voice and open myself up to the endless possibilities of what, how, when and who will cross through my journey in this life.
I have found it extremely difficult to express out loud what I have around me – for the longest time I have struggled acknowledging that I have it good, for fear I might sound conceited.  I never thought I worried too much about what people think, god knows I am constantly telling our girls to be free spirits and do what feels right, but every now and then thoughts creep in like “hmm, what will others think of me?” –  Not good I know.
This year I am going to do things differently, as I found myself to be a little stale in 2013 – I think it was the ’13’ thingy – I do not find myself creating much luck around 13.  Remember that story I told about getting that baby out before the 13th of the month arrived – It is just a feeling. Crazy I know!
So here I am a month and half into 2014 and already I have finished my first book with another sitting ready to go. I just completed a really good read – It is called ‘Breadwinner’ by Tom O’Toole.  (I position it as a self help book)
I was not familiar with Tom’s story, I did not even know what or who he represented, all I knew was I went into the Beechworth Bakery down in Healesville Victoria to have coffee and cake and this guys book was staring me in the face with a personal message and his autograph across it.  Call me crazy but I am a big believer in embracing the moment and to me the moment said buy this book – others may have thought it was just really good marketing placement.  Either way I bought myself a great read.
Done and dusted in 5 days and that’s beyond impressive for me – short attention span – I find it difficult to stay connected with the author most of the time. Anyways the long and short of it was I got ‘a-hell-of- alot’ outta this book – As always, self help books contain many a philosophy you have already read before – no new secrets.  
What I liked is Tom’s style of writing and the truth he speaks about where he came from and how he did not let his past diminish his dreams.
He is passionate about making sure we do not listen to the ‘dream-takers’  – those people will always tell us “it can’t be done”
Be careful what story you continuously tell yourself you might be your own worst ‘dream-taker’.
Set goals – Reach for the stars – Dream Big – No more pity parties!
Become a ‘dream-giver’.
Change the way you communicate with yourself – I know from this day forth I will be & so can you.
Go on, I dare you to try it and see where it takes you.
Onwards and upwards for 2014 and beyond.

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