2013 from my head space

Happy New Year – Welcome 2014!

As I write it is December 31st, 2013 – without a diary or calendar in front of me to truly remember what transpired throughout this year I am forced to think quick and reflect on the ‘stand out’ moments of my year gone by.
January saw us start off the year in Australia surrounded by family and friends we love and adore so much.  After our annual pilgrimage to Oz, the girls and I headed back to Chile to collect hubby/daddy and then head off to spend time with an American family we had only met some 6 months earlier as they kindly invited us to experience summertime in Punta del Este, Uruguay. To this day my family and I still talk about that holiday as one of the most relaxing times we have ever spent together.  My dear friend Monique was such a perfect hostess and I am so grateful for the memories. THANK YOU!
Reality kicks in and the girls return to finish their school year.  I decided to embrace the South American culture and hire in home help – ARGH!         March April May saw me hire help, discover help was steeling from us and two other expat families, fire help, march help off to the police station to make her accountable for her inexcusable behaviour, only to have police release her back into the community that same day.  To finish off that chapter ‘she’ took us and the two other families to court making up claims that we did not paid her, her full entitlements. REALLY!  (click here for full story)
June – schools out for summer.
July – family vacation to Miami – sand, sun & shops. Loads of fun, insane amount of shopping.
August – holiday time done and dusted girls ready to conquer another school year.
September October November & December, oh my lord four months that I just counted down and wished away inadvertently.  This time in my life was so emotionally challenging – being there to support a friend going through an unimaginable scenario with her estranged husband and 3 children in a country where she does not speak the language.  Crazy times, hard for my own family as I struggled with not ‘checking out’ on them while simultaneously being there daily for my friend for four months. (read her story here)
What else – well, I hit a dog, I rescued a rare injured eagle from our backyard, I ‘set-free’ a trapped baby owl from our exhaust fan in our kitchen, I farewelled some wonderful friends heading off on their new adventures, I made new expat friends, I doubled my friends on Facebook, I experienced snow in Chile, I launched CelebrteYOUcards!, my baby started ‘big school’, my eldest broke her shoulder doing cheerleading, two out of four daughters got braces (ouch!), daughter #2 spilt chocolate milk across my brand new Apple Mac computer, I celebrated fifteen years of marriage and most importantly my husband is another year cancer free.
If you asked me to highlight the most ‘stand out’ moment of 2013 without a doubt it happened on 31st July, it was a Facebook conversation I had with my ‘bestie’ back home in Oz.  Netty sent me a quick update of all her ‘goings-on’ and embedded in her message was something that has altered my life and I can not thank her enough for bringing this lifestyle change to my attention.  GOD BLESS YOU my LOVE!
here is part of the message
“am going particularly well thank you! I’ve been sugar free for nearly four weeks, cooking healthy meals, and slowly but surely replacing all the crap in our house for healthy alternatives.”
From this message all I saw was ‘sugar free’ – While I have not been sugar ‘free’ I have been sugar ‘reduced’ since 1st August 2013 and I have lost 3.5kgs across this time.   I never did it for the weight loss, I did it because it made sense to me and losing the weight has just been an added bonus. (Cliché, I get it) The changes I have experienced brings a larger than life smile to my face. It’s the spring in my step, it’s the rediscovery of my wardrobe, my body shape, my personality and my future.  This feeling I will carry with me into 2014 and I am so excited for what my future holds. (prelude to my sugar reduced story here)
So there you have it, another twelve months comes to a close and I think for the most part 2013 was an interesting year. I hope your year was challenging, inspiring, rewarding, joyous healthy…..if not, doesn’t matter now, it’s behind you – so get ready to make a difference in 2014.

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