I make a lousy expat

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Would it surprise you any if I said I do not like travelling?
Yep, it’s true I don’t like it.  
Half the time I feel like a fraud living this life as an expat mum.  I keep waiting for someone to catch me out, report me to the expat police and have me deported back home.
Over here we just finished a four day long weekend. The entire lead into the weekend friends were excited about there impending plans, and they did have some wonderful travel experiences on the horizon.  Mendoza Argentina, Buenos Aires Argentina, Patagonia Chile, Pucon Chile to name a few.
Now we are into the flip side of the weekend and families are keen to hear about everyones travelling tips.  Every time the ball gets passed to me, my standard answer is “no not us, we stayed home” and I feel most comfortable with my response, to the surprise of many.
If I was to fess up and be 100% honest here, it is not that I don’t enjoy travelling entirely, it is just that I really dislike doing it with my kids.  I really really get no joy out of it and that is why I am scared someone is going to report me for not offering my kids a fantastic opportunity while we are living as expats.
I equate to entire experience to moving the circus from one town to another.  Sure it has gotten better as the girls are getting older, but with age we are just being introduced to new game changing behaviours and for me that’s not my type of holiday.  
Three weeks after my twenty-first birthday I left Australia by myself to meet up with friends and travel around the United States, Canada and Hawaii and for the long haul connections I was all by myself and I loved it.  My senses were on fire, I was awake and alert to everything going on around me.  
When I travel with the kids, sometimes I don’t even get a chance to look upwards and take in the sights anymore. I am busy cleaning up vomit or reading maps trying to locate the nearest toilet before someone pee’s their pants or just constantly facing backwards in the car attempting to defuse an argument before my hubby pulls off to the side of the road threatening to leave human baggage curb side.
“are we there yet?”
“what are we going to eat for dinner?” (mind you we haven’t even finished breakfast when I am asked this question)
“do I have too, I don’t want to, that’s not fair, how come she gets to choose where we eat?” (OMG, shut the f*#k up and take in where you are)
I realise I might be short changing my kids out of a lot more wonderful childhood memories and for that I am extremely apologetic, but the way I look at it is, better to have the four of them grow old together and choose their own destinations to explore as adults, rather than have me try and explain why we left with four children and only came home with two.  Can you see where I am going with this?
My end game is that if I don’t do it now as a family of six, I will most definitely be back. Just me and hubby exploring the world hand in hand and I can’t wait for that chapter to unfold.
PS – Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary hubby – You rock my world. Thanks for the story so far xx 

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  1. Haha – I can definitely relate! (Although with only two the scales are still in favour of hitting the road together.)

    Lovely to have things to look forward to in the future.


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