Here comes the cheer


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Growing up as the youngest of five children with the older four all perfectly two years apart, it was obvious my arrival some seven years later may have taken everyone involved by surprise, to say the least.
I truly did have a wonderful childhood growing up.  Every time I look back on my youth I only ever think ‘happy thoughts’.
As an ‘ankle biter’ I was a little busy-bee, I was loud, talkative and I was not shy.  I enjoyed working a room from such a young age and my family always found time to humour me whenever I was in need of attention.
I had a built-in cheer squad and they were always singing my praises.
Actually they still do!
My family probably do not realise just how important their actions and the absence of judgement played in developing my positive self esteem and self awareness. Really I think it is nothing short of priceless from my perspective.
When hubby talks of his childhood he remembers something different to mine – he remembers having to search for the attention from his family, a concept that is foreign to me.  He said he remembers being told he was good but doesn’t remember being told he was great.
Through my own learnings I believe that everyone should have the opportunity in life to be told they are great and as Fathers day is fast approaching here in South America, what a perfect time to sing the praises of someone extremely special in my life. 
My hubby!
My hubby is a remarkable man and dad, he is a man of integrity, he is a free spirit, courageous, adventurous, highly self motivated, funny and yes, without a doubt he is extremely spunky as well.
Hubby if you are reading, to date I think it is fair to say that everything you said you wanted to achieve in life you have gone out and made it happen.  You have never once sat around waiting for someone to bring it to you or offer it up, you went out and claimed it.
As I always say, there will never be any moss under your rock, because it will never stop rolling until your final breath.
You are a brilliant man and I love everything about you, except the things that give me the shits – but we are working on them aren’t we?
Maybe I forget to sing your praises and maybe you are not looking for it everyday.  Today it seems like the right time to remind you just how special you are to me and your four gorgeous daughters.
Enjoy, we love you lots.
Happy Fathers Day Hubby for 2013.


  1. Don Claudio de la Cruz · June 21, 2013

    Muchas Gracias Mi Amore. Te quiero para siempre.


  2. ninakillham · June 27, 2013

    What a great blog. Yes, we do forget the sing the praises of the ones closest to us. Well done you for remembering.


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