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Where were you this time in 2001?
Why would you even care to remember if it was just another day.
We care to remember, we will always remember, it was the day our gorgeous first born arrived into the world.
One and half days into a drawn out labour with little to no progress, I was offered choices to how this baby would enter the world.
With my “let’s just wait and see” attitude – hubby and I decided to play it out and “just wait and see”
I looked across the room and caught a glimpse of the oversized clock hanging on the wall, it was around 10 in the evening and I realised the 12th was drawing to a close.
It appeared to others around me that I was becoming scared about having a baby on the 13th of the month more than I was about pushing or slicing.
And it was true, I was scared.  I was so scared that this baby was arriving after midnight so I encouraged the nurses to conduct another internal examination to see if we could hurry this along.
4 bloody centimetres over the course of twenty something hours – pumped up on oxytocin and still sitting at 4cm.
This baby ain’t going nowhere fast and the 13th would soon been here.
“Let’s do this thing” 
Oh my, once hubby and I said those words you should have seen the once semi quiet birthing suite morph into a well oiled machine.  It was like the party decorations had been taken down and in it’s place white sterile walls with little to no personality were erected.
People started pricking and poking me with so many different pins and needles I thought I would leak like a watering can and yet all I could think about was if this could all be done and dusted before midnight.
I was about to give birth to our first born via a huge incision across my belly fat (or is that fat belly) and all I could think about was the time.
To this day I am not really sure why I was so concerned, I think I was trying to avoid my child having a Friday the 13th birthday every seven or so years.
With 15 minutes to spare are gorgeous baby girl entered the world.  All I remember was the Doctor talking about me feeling some ‘tugging’ on my stomach (which I did) and then ‘poof’ she was here.
My uterus had been working for around 24 hours straight and became non responsive to the absence of baby inside, we did experience some delay with it contracting back to normal size so my stay in the theatre ward was a little longer than first anticipated.  The nurses and doctors never made us feel nervous or frightened about the troubles they were experiencing with my stubborn belly and reminded us to stop and enjoy the wonder of this precious bundle that was placed in my hubby’s arms.
Every time I meet someone new and they care to listen I tell my story.  I share this story all the time.  Yes I went on to have other babies and yes their birthing stories were just as precious, but there is something special about the birth of your first child.
That true real feeling of the ‘unknown’.  
How will my first baby’s birth story unfold, will I bond with her, will I breastfeed, will she like me, will I be a good mum, will I remember to tell her how much I love her, will I be the first parent to drop their baby, how do I introduce solids into her diet, why is her poo black, is this what they call bonding, what is bonding, how do you bond, I think I am bonding.
Oh My God!
This little girl who pushes boundaries every. single. day. and challenges me every. single. day. since her arrival, has given me a fantastic opportunity to discover such amazing insights into my own self.  
Today my baby is twelve and in every single step we have taken together across these twelve years I have to say that she has taught me far more about the person I am and the person I want to be much more than I have tried to teach myself across forty years.
She has helped me better understand my strengths and weaknesses and allowed me to discover a level of patience I didn’t think I possessed.
She is a gift to our world, my life.
She is a free spirit never to be caged.
She is hard work, but she is my hard work and I love the challenge she gives me to become a better person.
Happy 12th Birthday Veronica – Mummy and Daddy love you so much and wish you a life time of happiness and good health.
Dream Big Little Girl!

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