What’s the price of fame?

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You know those moments when you ask your kids – “hey, what do you want to be when you grow up?”
Do you ask in the hope they will enthusiastically respond with A Doctor no, A Lawyer no, maybe A Brain Surgeon….yay that’s my boy (well in our case girl)
In our house, three out of the four girls want to be famous.
“That’s it”,  I say
“Just famous?”
“That’s not really a profession girls.”
“Well how about a famous runner, or a famous singer, maybe I can be a famous runner who is a famous singer and a famous cooker” replies #2 – (I’m guessing ‘cooker’ is ‘chef’.)
Trying not to reduce her limitations and encourage endless possibilities, I probe a little further to better understand why ‘famous’
In typical girl style,  I get “so when I go shopping everyone will know who I am, and apparently you get lots of free stuff.”
It’s time for the ‘team mummy’ hat to come off and in its place the ‘ psychologist’ hat to go on.
First of all, lets gets something straight, I am not a registered psychologist,  just a living breathing every day mum and the wearer of many many different hats in order to navigate through daily issues raising a family and loving a hubby. So we good!
Right, let’s get on with it.
I continue to talk with the girls about all the wonderful things they could potentially be exposed to living this ‘life’.  Responsibly followed up with the not so wonderful things, and it is from here our conversation grew a little more interesting than I expected.
We started off discussing the well documented lives of ‘famous’ people from today and yesterday, the living and the dead.  We spoke about – Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Heath Ledger, Justin Bieber, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Lindsey Lohan….and so on. You have to remember my girls are eleven years and down – so the need to discuss noble prize winners and ground breaking scientists doesn’t cut it here at the moment.
We all agreed that each and everyone were exceptionally talented and gifted in their chosen craft.
What my girls could not understand after many for and against topics about fame were thrown around, is why these people attracted so many ‘haters’.  
Why does it seem for everyone one lover, there is two that want to watch in the hope of a massive ‘train wreck’ occurring. (my words not theirs.)
So it got me thinking some more,  that with the fame comes power and with the power can come an larger than life ego and yes some people/kids may not handle the trappings of fame as good as others.
Because they are famous, does that makes it ok to dump on them 24/7.
Do we get carried away building up our ‘famous’ and expecting them to be super human in order to sustain the gift they have been blessed with.  Should they be ‘allowed’ to enjoy the trimmings of fame without the trash from the trolls and haters infiltrating their lives.
Do we place a hand in cutting short the fragile life of an artists who’s gift becomes lost to drugs, depression, alcohol and other ugly poisons.
Are we sending our famous to the grave well before their time or do they just make ‘bad’ choices on their own?
Boy is discovered with a talent, Boy showcases his talent to the world, Boy is loved by many, Boy becomes famous, Boy falls over –  world laughs, Boy falls over again – world laughs harder, Boy is too scared to move for fear of falling again, Boy becomes trapped inside invisible walls, Boy struggles to be himself, talents dies, world misses out.
Would Elvis and Whitney and Michael (to name a few) still be with us today had they been allowed to fall down and get up endless amount of times without judgment.
As for my girls – a famous cooker, well we will have to wait and see won’t we.

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