Here we go again


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By now you must have realised that this topic is by far my biggest ‘pet peeve’  and like an ugly car accident in the middle of the road, I can’t look away.
Here we go again, another article in the Huffington Post about a ‘plus-size model’, this time it is our very own Robyn Lawley, from Sydney.
The lead heading for the article is Plus-Size Model Stuns In Va-Va-Voom Dress once inside the article it is a brief spread about what she has been wearing and if someone ‘her size’ can ‘pull it off’.
Look, it is a pleasant article, more of a picture spread and that’s fine, not all pieces have to be ‘hard-core’.
It just bothers me to no end that these gorgeous women are tagged with ‘plus size’.  It almost feels like the fashion industry has decided to market these beauties with ‘plus-size’ as a way of covering their own ‘arses’.  
I wonder if it all started because someone in publishing sent a memo out stating;
“must highlight to our customers that our model is a ‘big girl’, don’t want them thinking we are picking duds”
Would we EVER see a male model front and center of a glossy ‘mag’ or billboard sporting the title                ‘plus size’…..hmmm, I am pretty sure we would NOT.
I think it is only fair in the sport of fashion, that, if you are going to continue on with the benign conversation about whether your model is ‘plus-size’, then please do us the favour, and highlight to one and all your other models are ‘minus size’.  Then we can call it a draw.
Can I point out, Robyn Lawley said it first on the front cover of the Australian ‘weekend’ magazine.  
“I’m a normal size. It’s skinny models that should be called minus size”


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