Plus-size model graces the cover of Elle


To me this is a great story.
French-Canadian model Justine Legault has made it on the cover of Elle Quebec.
Way to go Justine!
I just hope moving forward, Justine isn’t tagged with ‘plus-size model’ for her entire career.
Look at her, she is gorgeous.
Let’s change the conversation now and introduce her for her beauty and her determination to achieve her own goals.
Substitute the adjective ‘plus-size’ for beautiful, gorgeous, stunning……etc
I mean, come on, I thought we had moved past this need for ‘labelling’ people.
“Hi this is my ‘gay’ friend Joe”
“Hi, have you meet my ‘black’ friend Nanette”
“Hello, I would like you to meet my friend Roger,he is ‘black gay and a jew’!”
and what about this ‘ripper’…..
….”Hi everyone, this is Justine, she is my ‘plus-sized’ friend”
Let’s try and leave it out of the conversation, it’s really not necessary.
Imagen if every time Naomi Campbell graced the cover of a glossy magazine the caption always read
‘black-skinned model’ – NO REALLY!, thanks for pointing it out to the readers!
Stupid isn’t!
Just as stupid as highlighting Justine Legault’s body shape.
I know you should never write when you are angry, because you don’t tend to articulate yourself properly.
Maybe I should have gathered my thoughts a little better before hitting ‘publish’, I can’t tell you enough just how frustrated I become when I see/hear this constant use of empty adjectives highlighting the obvious.
I challenge you to give it a go, remove these empty ‘labels’ from your conversation when you are describing someone to your family and friends.  Find others ways to describe the ‘fat chick’, the ‘bald bloke’, the ‘bad-ass bikers’, the ‘dumb blonde’.
It may be the obvious choice right there and then, but we are more than just the obvious.
Justine is more than just ‘plus-sized’.

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