Whites can’t dance with Blacks

When I came across this article, I must admit I didn’t really want to click inside.  I thought the joke was going to be on me for thinking this was real.
The article headline read like this

“Bridging the Divide: Wilcox County High School Students Hold First Integrated Prom”

I clicked.
I even watched the video right to the end waiting for the punch line, the gag, the draw card.
Where am I?
What year is this?
Did I really hear correctly?
Wilcox County High School had been holding segregated prom dances for the past forty years and in the end it was the students who rose to the occasion to lead this change not the parents.
How can this be, how can there be a city, a town, a community living like this, where white’s can’t dance with blacks. (for the record in our family it’s vanilla and chocolate)
Once I released the anger and frustration I was feeling towards the people that had allowed this behaviour to exist in their community, I began to see more of a story unfold.
What if we substituted the colour of the students skin with religion, or politics, or maybe economic class, (to name a few) would we have a different story to tell?
Would others reading still feel mad or frustrated, or concerned that this behaviour is still tolerated in today’s society.
The story would reach a different audience, but the underlying problem still exists.
On any given day people are left feeling judged for their skin colour, their religion, their politically position, the sexuality, their employment, maybe even the college choices, and for the life of me I will never understand why.
I have said it before on other occasions, I am not better than you and you are not better than me.
As a society we need to bring different attributes, qualities, beliefs to the table in order to reignite our soul and enhance our future choices.  
If we continued on a journey where we are never offered an opposing position our existence would be dull and bland. Something I do not want for my daughters moving forward.
I would never agree with a segregated anything in my world and it saddens me that these children have been exposed to this behaviour from their parents, but before you jump up and down at those parents ask yourself what conversation are you having with your kids about religion, politics, sexuality, education…….(to again name a few)
Just talking with your children ignites the opportunity in everyone to see the story from someones else’s shoes.

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