Bring our bloody diggers home!


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The 25th of April in Australia is a public holiday.
The 25th of April in Australia is ANZAC day. (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps – 1914-1918)
Aussie and Ziwi’s around the world will always stop for ANZAC day, it’s in our blood.
Our grandparents and great grandparents fought for our life and our countries future, and for that I will always be thankful and forever grateful.
Do I wish they could have resolved the issues from the past differently, of course I do.  
I don’t agree with WAR, it will never make sense to me. 
Get our diggers out of all those ‘bloody’ war zone across the waters and bring them safely home to their families.  
These people have already seen far too much tragedy in such a condensed time in their life.  Their eyes will burn for years to come with the scares of war etched in permanent ink onto their souls.
Nothing, and I mean nothing good ever comes from the battlefields.
What are we waiting for, what sign are the ‘powers that be’ looking for.  If you need someone to throw in the ‘white handkerchief’ I will do it, for goodness sake I will throw in a whole bloody bed sheet if it will bring home  our servicemen and women sooner.  
To all those who have family serving their country, I pray for you.  
I pray that your loved one returns home safely.
I pray that their scares will heal.
I pray that the next generation of leaders can find a better way to resolve conflict.
To the families of fallen servicemen and servicewomen, THANK YOU!
Thank You for loaning us your son or daughter so we can continue on with our journey.
Lest we forget!

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