How my affair saved our marriage


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I’m sorry!
I think my post title may have been a little misleading.
There was no affair.
My marriage doesn’t need saving (well not that I am aware off, anyways)
I write today out of an ongoing frustration I experience on a daily basis when surfing the ‘web’.  
I don’t live under a rock, I get that you only have seconds to grab the interest of a potential reader.  
I even think it is in e-print somewhere, maybe under ‘blogging for dummies 101’.
“Make your title/heading count! Make your readers want to click and read your material”
Yeah I get it, it’s not rocket science.
The web is huge and full of information, I mean full.
So how are you going to make yourself  look/sound/appear different/better than the ‘next guy’….hmm maybe by the quality of your content, may be by the authenticity of your work?
Yesterday I was ‘surfing’ the web and came across this article regarding Australia’s own Mr Rolf Harris (see article here) – while I am not engaging in the discussion of his guilt or innocence with regards to the said matter.  

I am still trying to find in the article where Mr Harris has been quoted denying the claims. As per the heading title “Rolf Harris denies sex offence claims

Did you find it, maybe I just missed it or may be I was ‘tricked’ into clicking/reading further.
There are so many many more vidoes, articles etc out there that I have foolishly clicked on only to be left disappointed.
Am I over-reacting or do misleading titles/headings pi** you off as well?
Thanks, I feel better now.

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