It’s the book report all over again

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Ever since settling down into a familiar routine here in Chile I have been meaning to articulate to my friends, just what ‘life’ is like in and around my little bubble of Santiago.
Well, ten months on (I know can you believe that) I am still struggling.  Struggling to remember my camera, and struggling to allocate the time it needs to stop and take photo’s, which is all the more tricky when one doesn’t have ones camera with one!
Enter Aly.
Aly writes a blog.
Aly writes a bloody good blog.
Aly is a friend of mine.
Aly touched down early January with hubby plus one.
Aly has already done what I have been wanting to do.
So Aly has kindly let me link my followers back to her site so you can engage in her humour and her observations towards the driving in Santiago.  
For the record Aly has hit the nail on the head, her description of life on the roads downtown is spot on.  I could not have said it any better, and that’s why I didn’t try.
Just like the time in Grade8, circa 1985 when I was due to hand in my book report, but instead I stayed up and watched back to back episodes of Dallas and Dynasty and my classmate Ornella (god bless her and her love for reading books) summarized the class book for me on the morning bus ride to school.
I just look at it as spreading the love for the gifts that come naturally to others, don’t you!
I hope you click on the link back to Aly’s blog Continental Shifts: Chile and I hope you enjoy her very accurate ex-pat view on negotiating the roads here in downtown Santiago.
Now, please be kind –  I do have some followers that are from the older section of the baby boomer generation and may not be familiar with how to activate a link.  If you just wave your mouse across the highlighted area, you should be able to click on it and ‘hey presto’… 

One comment

  1. aly · April 9, 2013

    WOW! What a wonderful recommendation. Thank you thank you for that Sorrento Moon 🙂 Looking forward to reading your stories about Chile as well – our crazy expat lives!


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