Maybe you don’t celebrate Easter.

Google Images – Thanks Sis!

I was raised Catholic, I was married in a Catholic church, all our children were baptized into the Catholic religion.
 I am comfortable with my beliefs.
I do not believe my religion is more superior than yours.
Does my religion come with a better range of fringe benefits or optional extras?
My religion is solely my belief and is what helps me make sense of my world, day to day.
I am sure if you spoke to my hubby (also a Mick) his take away from being Catholic would be similar yet different from mine, and that’s Ok.
That is what belonging to ‘something’ offers, a chance to create and discover your very own personal relationship with your ‘higher power’.
Earlier in the week, I read a ‘good news’ story in the Huffington Post.
You can read the full story here.
Put simply, it was about how a Christian priest in Scotland offered up his church space to accommodate the overflow of praying Muslims from a nearby mosque that were left out in the cold.
Working together, playing together, coming together, learning together, living together, isn’t that what this is all about?
However this time of year is celebrated in your home, I am sure it is special and important to you. 
No better, or no worse than your neighbours.
Just different.
Enjoy, for different is good, don’t your think!
PS: I do celebrate this time of year and it is extremely difficult to be away from family and friends, so I am sending my love across the waters and over the rainbows – HAPPY EASTER, to all those near and dear.

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