If it’s round make a sound. If it’s square don’t you dare!…Love Aunt Barbara


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Many moons ago when our second born was brand new and our eldest was 16 months old, I figured I needed to get out more.
Alone time was precious, so I became pretty choosey about how I spent my time.
I was just happy to get out.
This one occasion back aeons ago, I was presented with two choices; I could accompany an old work colleague to a ‘time share’ seminar or a bunch of girlfriends and I could attend a Tupperware ‘bring a friend along’ night, which was really code for ‘become a Tupperware representative, today!’
While I thought time share sounded fabulous and the idea of travelling around the world with access to all sort of wonderful accommodation would be brilliant – I just couldn’t see when we would get time to travel, so I opted for the night out with the girlfriends.
Keeping in mind I was on a promise from Fran the Tupperware lady.
Her promise carrot would be drinks, food and free Tupperware.
Now who doesn’t love free stuff?!
My girlfriends and I couldn’t stop laughing from the fear of the unknown and I think maybe one of us may have wet our pants (whoops) All this and we hadn’t even got out of the car yet. 
friend 1:           “I’m just here for the free stuff, I’m not selling Tupperware”,
friend 2:           “If we have to hold hands and sing songs, I’m outta there”
me:                   “My boobs are about to explode, this better not go on for too long”
Fast forward 2 hours and I was holding an agenda with pen poised ready to start booking parties.
It was so easy, I handed over little and started getting huge returns within weeks and this continued on for months.
I was mixing it with the big time, I was holding parties, I was packing and stashing boxes and I was counting cash.
I loved my parties, I loved getting out and sticky peaking into other peoples pantries and I loved selling Tupperware.
Then it all dried up.
I managed to get through everyone I knew and my networking skills needed a rework.
I needed to think of something, I needed to have an edge, something that would make them choose me over another Tupperware consultant.
So I thought maybe I could come up with some new recipes or buy some plastic fruit to display in the containers (for the visual people amongst us)
It wasn’t working.
I didn’t have an edge.
I was missing the WOW factor.
I lost interest.
So I packed up my boxes put my ‘modular mates’ away and went back to lunch dates with Oprah.
Sometimes I think maybe I left too early, maybe I should have stayed at it longer, perhaps investing in different styles of plastic foods…….
…….Then along came Aunt Barbara from Long Island New York. 
Clearly I was never going to make it big in Tupperware I was coming at it from all the wrong angles.
And I thought more plastic fruit was going to win me more clients.
What was I thinking!


  1. Bernie · March 7, 2013

    OMG! Where do you find this stuff! LOL! Love Aunt Bar bar ra ……


    • SorrentoMoon · March 7, 2013

      If only Mum had kept her dresses from the 60’s I would have been a rockin’ Aunt Barb, don’t you think – Wait! don’t answer that.


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