Baby Steps

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In the quest to find tools and learn from others on how they overcame

M.L.M.C (Mid Life Mummy Crisis)

I came across a great website that truly does cater for my current needs. (Jen and Barb momlife click here and I will take you to their website) .

The best part about discovering Jen and Barb (my new-found besties) is, if they are sustaining a living from this topic of conversation, then clearly I am not feeling these crazy emotions in isolation.

It was just one simple youtube video I stumbled across and with a quick click through the pages within their website, I began to feel better.

By better, I mean – clearer in my way of thinking and understanding that sometimes I do let life swallow me up and I do choose to put myself last never.

Number one ‘woe’  my personal style or lack thereof.

Baby steps is the only way I know how to tackle through this time, and finding this video made me breathe a little easier knowing that so many of us fight through these same emotions.


Watch it here (and there is more to come, these guys cover everything)

for the record – I am Jen.  Workout clothes, without the workout. COMFORT girls COMFORT!


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