Anyone hiring?

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Do you ever have days, weeks or months when you feel like you are drifting through life surrounded by a lightly covered mist or maybe a heavy dark cloud, and when you reach the end of the day you wonder how you got here?

I do!

Lately it has been more like a thick fog. (mixed in with the Santiago SMOG! argh, now that’s another story I must tell.)
Even when my frown is facing upwards the voices in my head never appear to stop chatting to one another.
Usually this would not bother me, because I have had some really great conversations with myself in the past.  Like convincing myself that I am worthy of another slice of cake – “go on my friend you deserve it” or reminding oneself that fat does not shrink while you sleep because you are dreaming about it, you actually have to do the work to see the results.  That’s always a harder conversation to have with oneself.
Anyway once again I am deflecting the real issue with humour in hope that I don’t really have to discuss my true feelings.
EXHALE – deep breaths, here goes…..
I think I am having a MID LIFE MUMMY CRISIS and I am not sure what to do about it.
I am married
I have kids
I travel the world with hubby’s work and for pleasure
I live with material wealth in my home
I hold spiritual wealth in my heart
I am able body
I am thankful every day
So why do I find myself struggling to appreciate the here and now. 
I want, no sorry, I NEED to make some changes as my role of motherhood evolves before me and I am not sure where to begin.
Simple tasks like getting dressed in the morning are a chore – because I have a pathetic relationship with my wardrobe. Finding someone who will guide me through the re-build of my love-hate relationship is extremely overwhelming.
Feeding my children dinner EVERY SINGLE NIGHT brings tears to my eyes – I even stretch it out past late evening hoping they will tell me “you know what, don’t bother with dinner mum, we are not hungry anymore” true story!
Remembering the simple pleasures that come with having a healthy happy life, sit squashed in the back of my head while Mrs SAD and Mrs I WANT MORE take control of the conversation.
And probably one of the biggest itches I want to scratch is bringing home some bacon and I am not talking pigs here – I mean I am ready to contribute to the house mortgage in ways that are reflected in a bank balance not in how many piles of washing I folded in one day.
Far out brussel sprout (aussie slang)
Where do mums go when they need a ‘re-tweak’ in their job description?
anyone hiring?
Cheers SorrentoMoon
PS – SorrentoMoon has been in circulation for around eighteen months now and it is because of the positive and such wonderful feedback I receive from my followers I continue to write.  Thank you from the tips of my toes for your encouraging words – SorrentoMoon has been an amazing escape for me. x SM


  1. D2 from the 'castle · February 24, 2013

    Oh D your worth is priceless, I love reading your life amusings – always of some relevence to my life – missed you over the summer – always look forward to opening your blog to see what the going on with the special 6 and their surrounds. You could apply for Pat McDermott’ column in The AWW – remember that Mag? xoxox


    • SorrentoMoon · February 24, 2013

      Thanks for the lovely words – always good to hear from friends back home. Would you believe I just spent my summer break reading the entire AWW 2012 collection down at Mum and Dads – Oh how I love the holidays! Cheers SM


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