Reality Bites


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After returning home to Chile, from five glorious weeks spent in the Australian sun, it could be said that I underestimated the impact of homesickness and the toll it would take on me once back into the ‘norm’ of life here in Santiago Chile.
I sometimes wonder whether it would be better not to go home and avoid the annual game of ‘tug of war’ with everyone’s heart strings.
As I manage to adjust and wave through the ‘fog’ that sits before me, history has proven it is because of our annual pilgrimage back home that I manage to get through the tough times and I manage to land back on my feet ready for the next installment of my reality and what it brings.
I might like to point out though, if you left behind this, you too may be struggling to get your groove on and find your reality.
Daylight rolling across to darkness meant nothing more than ‘popping’ on a ‘cardie’ and increasing the volume of ‘aeroguard’ on one’s body. 
Toes laid permanently wedged into the hot sand while sipping on glasses of bubbly.
Hard decisions consisted of Nutri-grain or Weet-bix for breakfast, beach before lunch or after lunch, green salad or noodle salad for dinner, Australian Open or Australian cricket on the ‘telly’ and the hardest one I struggled with was whether I put my bathers on now or later – nothing worse than finding yourself in your ‘onezee’ and dashing to the bathroom – DOH !
It has been said before and I will say it again,
Australia truly is the lucky country.
If only we could work on its location, I reckon we would be prime real estate.
Thanks again to all our family and friends who joined us during our annual tour down under, you all make the moments just that much more memorable.
just helping the non-Australians amongst us
CARDIE : throw over – wrap – pullover
AEROGUARD – insect repellent
BUBBLY – champagne  (yes please)
Nutri-Grain & Weet-Bix – breakfast cereal
Onezee – one piece swimsuit
all pics compliments of Google Images  – thanks

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