Liar Liar, Pants on Fire!

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I think it would be safe to say that my following audience would be familiar with the story of ‘Pinocchio’ – the boy puppet who had issues with a growing nose when caught in a lie.
Well, my parents decided to take that story and little further and told us kids that any form of lying to anybody would result in ‘pimples on your tongue’
Question – If you are lying for a ‘good’ reason and cross your fingers, doesn’t that mean all lies are null and void?
Can I just say that for the past four, (yes four) months I have been engaging in one, big, fat, huge, enormous lie. 
Believe me; Pinocchio has nothing on me.
My nose
My mouth
Let’s just say, I will be on full strength mouth wash for the next year!
No seriously, my mouth is not full of pimples nor is my nose long (jury’s still out on that one!), but I am deliriously dizzy with excitement and anguish both at the same time.
Let me fill in the gaps for you.
Four months ago we told family back home in Australia that due to our half year transition into a new country (Canada to Chile) unfortunately we would not be able to make it home for Christmas.
And there starts the lie!
Not only did I indulge in a little ‘story’ for the family, I brazenly engaged my young daughters in on the ‘story telling’ to their own Nanny & Pop.
Now it is time to get this monkey off my back, wash my mouth out with soap and fess up to all my ‘lies’.
Mum, Dad, sisters and brother, extended family and friends……
Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi
 We are here and we are headed to  your place for Christmas.
I had gone to great lengths to keep this a secret from family back home and I think my ‘story telling’ was extremely creative.
In order for my family not to get on a plane and surprise us, I initially told them we were heading off to Uruguay with friends so we would not be around for the festive season.  Then to cement my folks at home on the day of our arrival I told them we had organised a ‘courier’ from Chile to drop off a box of goodies from us for their Christmas celebrations.
Not only did I tell them there was a courier arriving, I told them to get organised and they could send ‘stuff’ back for our girls to open on Christmas here in Chile, which really would be Australia. (That was to avoid the last minute shop once surprise was uncovered)
All this time, little did they know,
There was no courier,
There was only us.
Nothing better than reuniting with family at any time of year, but at Christmas when it is the season to be jolly it really makes it more special.
If you celebrate this time of year
MERRY CHRISTMAS, stay safe across this festive season and HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all.

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