I Want My Mummy!

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Keeping it short and sweet at the moment, still suffering from the side effects of the anesthetic!
“Note to self – leave camera at home if ever go to hospital again”
How on earth did I manage to post on Facebook, answer text messages, and possibly even speak to hubby all with absolutely no recollection?
Still, I have to say, unsupervised in my hospital room ‘coming down’ off the anesthetic, pretty happy with my efforts in keeping everyone updated.
Here are the latest photo’s  – Would you believe the leg pain is so minimal, it’s the bloody side effects from the medication I have to take that is really ‘knocking’ me out.
Feels like morning sickness all over again.  Smell is sensitive, loss of appetite, and a belly that has been ‘backed up’ for days no amount of liquorice can help!
the healing process

the healing process


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