Nothing Comes Easy In Life


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For the first twenty years of my life (circa 1970’s 1980’s) our family had the privilege of associating ourselves with young men and women who lived in a world known to us as ‘The Handicapped’.
I grew up with an Aunty that looked and sounded different to me.
When I was a little girl, I knew her as Aunty Margee, society knew her as mentally ‘retarded’.
As the years went by, she was still my ‘Aunty Margee’ but society decided she was no longer retarded she was mentally ‘challenged’.
Her personality did not change, her outlook on life did not alter and her prognosis did not get any better.
She didn’t know the definition of retarded, nor did she think she was challenged.  She was a person living a life with so much joy and happiness to offer the world, the only limitations were the ones ‘we’ gave her.
In the early Eighties I remember my then 18 year old brother casually inform our dad that he was thinking of trying out for the ‘Special Olympics’ My then 10 year old mouth piped up and said with a laugh
“arrr silly, you need to have a disability to enter those games, what’s yours?”
And without a blink of an eye, he ‘flung’ his ‘dead’ arm onto the dinner table and continued on eating.
My brother has a paralyzed arm from his shoulder down; it’s been like that since I was three.
He is my big brother and through my eyes he is more ‘able’ than me.  There is nothing he cannot do, there is nothing ‘dis-able’ about him.
During his high school years, he wanted to take after our dad and work on the tools. 
He wanted to be a carpenter.
The tech school denied his application and told him he needed to reconsider his course selection.
Well it took him some time and a number of detours along the way, but he didn’t let society slow him down – he soon figured out that he just had to work a little harder than the next guy in order to get the results he was looking for.
Everything my brother does, he does with one arm and no limitations.
My brother plays basketball, plays Aussie Rules football, beach cricket, flipped motors in and out of cars like he was ‘flipping’ pizzas, help build a house with our dad, built fences, dug trenches, erected a pergola, drives a car, drove a truck, drives a boat, went sailing, went horse riding, went water skiing, ice skating, snow skiing, renovated a motor home – you name it, he has tried it or still doing it now. (and now he has flown a plane – his birthday present from the family)
Besides the fact he is a giant in my 5ft, zero inch world, I look up to my brother as a source of motivation and the realization that our weaknesses can become our strengths if we let them.
Today my big brother turns 50 years young.
I am so proud of my brother and his achievements over the years, I truly don’t think he realises how much of an inspiration he has been to me and many others. 
Congratulations on yet another fantastic achievement, I hope you get an opportunity to reflect on the remarkable things you have accomplished throughout your wonderful life.  Give yourself a pat on the back; you have overcome amazing obstacles to get where you are today.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEFTY! You truly are a legend in my world.


  1. gerard · December 3, 2012

    Sorrento moon your words are truly out of this world thankyou


  2. Caro · December 3, 2012

    Lovely words. Happy birthday Lefty. xx


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