My Brother Mick

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In Australia at the moment it is coming to the close of the school year. 
This means for all the Year 11 and 12 students they generally ‘head off’ somewhere around the country or across the waters for their end of year ‘schoolies’ vacation. 
For some, this time in their lives is said to be a chance for them to unwind, de-stress, drink copious amounts of alcohol, fly high and forget about being a semi-responsible teenager for a short period of time.  For others it is a great opportunity just to ‘hang out’ with friends and have a ‘wow’ of a time before the reality of university kicks in.
Whatever brings them together, these kids just want to have fun and relax in the Aussie sun.
Just days into the festivities of schoolies – tragedy struck!
It was reported that a young teenage girl had fallen off the 26th floor balcony of a high rise building in Gold Coast Queensland.  She was alone at the time and police confirmed her death as ‘non-suspicious’.
Her name was Isabelle Colman, she was 17 years old, a sister, a daughter, a friend and I am sure much more to many others. 
I don’t know the Colman family.
I do know the pain and heaviness they are feeling towards this tragedy and the loss of a family member.
December 31st 2012 marks the death anniversary of my brother Mick.
Ten years ago he went out early New Years Eve morning to help a friend retrieve a car that was ‘stuck’ in an out of town – out of the way- out of reach – mountainous ravine.
My brother lived an easy going life some six hours out of Melbourne.  He was known around his parts of town as the ‘go to man’. 
Go to him and he will find someone else to help you out, so he can relax some more on the land with his dogs, his horses, his wife, his son and his outdoors.
His life was uncomplicated. 
He was happy.
This day he decided to help a friend, this day he didn’t come home.
He was 38 years old and he didn’t get to meet his daughter.
It could be said that my views on death are a little unorthodox; I try not to spend too much time dwelling on the loss, rather the gain of having had the opportunity to enjoy them for that time.
If we attached ourselves to the picture we have in our head of how the fairy-tale was meant to play out, we forget to remember the story that did unfold.
Sure a little bit of us dies with them when they go, but the strength I have from knowing they are there in spirit puffs my chest up with such pride and happiness I have to go forth and do them proud.
I have to tell stories to my nephew and niece about their dad my brother, I have to reminisce with my sister-in-law about how truly, madly, deeply in love with her he was and I have to laugh with my mum and dad every once in a while to help heal the cracks in their broken hearts.
Here is an excerpt that Isabelle’s Dad (oddly enough his name is Mike) gave in his eulogy just days after learning about the death of his daughter. 
“The beauty of the world hasn’t stopped being beautiful because Isabelle isn’t here to share it,”  
“You can’t stop enjoying the wonderful things in life because Isabelle isn’t here.”
If you wish you can read the article here. click here
To all of you who have lost a near and dear one,
Allow the light to shine through your darkness and lift the weight from your chest. 
Their spirit will shine stronger than any dark day you are sitting in; just open your heart and let the warmth of their memory carry you onwards.
RIP Mick 31/12/2002
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  1. gerard · December 2, 2012

    I too miss my little brother and believe i am a better person for knowing him RIP brumby mick


    • SorrentoMoon · December 2, 2012

      How fast did those 10 years go! Feels like yesterday we were all down at the Rye Pub sending him on his way. PS HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY big brother.


      • Rocio · December 4, 2012

        I too see him everyday when I look into the snowy mountains or my children’s eyes.
        Wish you a great Birthday Gerard, you truly are a legend.


      • SorrentoMoon · December 5, 2012

        And what spunky kids you do have !!!!


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