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Let’s not dance around this one, let’s get straight to the meaty bit.
I have very unattractive legs.
I have varicose veins!
I have suffered with varicose veins for fifteen years.
They are ugly, extremely unsightly and more recently have become a health risk.
For the past fifteen years I have managed to live a pretty easy going life and incorporated my unsightly legs into everyday living.
I wear dresses and skirts and on occasion I will ‘don’ my swimsuit for a good cause.
Surprisingly I have managed to do this all with little thought given to how bloody awful my ‘pins’ look in my daily attire.  It does help heaps when you only look at yourself in a mirror from the waist up.
Right from the onset I refused to give my varicose veins any power over my self esteem and my choice of wardrobe selection.
My thought process was pretty clear, if I didn’t show that it bothered me, then those around wouldn’t notice them (as much anyways)…Enter BROTHER!
Brother:             “S.H.I.T, what’s on your legs?”
Me:                    “varicose veins, I have had them most of my adult life”
Brother:             “S.H.I.T, there bloody ugly aren’t they”
Me:                  “thank you for noticing”
Me:                  “so about your bald head……ha.ha.ha. BOOM!
So why now, why has my focus altered, and why am I on the verge of sending these legs off for a little ‘nip and tuck?’ 
I thought I didn’t care, I thought I didn’t give them much notice – WRONG!
My varicose veins consume my ever thought, from how I stand, to how I sit, to even how I deflect the conversation once I realise someone has spotted them.
These ugly critters that position themselves along my leg are beginning to look like I have a mountain range travelling from the North to South coast and I need to attack them now. 
I want these bulging bumps gone, I want them gone NOW!
Besides it will give me more time to focus on the size of my nose.  
Stayed tuned, waiting to hear when the operation is set for, should be this month. 
Hello sexy legs!


  1. Nancy Danou · November 8, 2012

    So so funny!


    • SorrentoMoon · November 9, 2012

      Thanks – Hope you are adjusting OK to the cold weather – Bet the leaves/trees are looking gorgeous (or did that already happen?)


  2. alevings · November 11, 2012

    Some say a bald head is quite sexy, they are the ones that I listen to



  3. Jennifer · December 6, 2012

    I struggled with my varicose veins for a good while also, except I didn’t get surgery, I got a laser procedure done. I have to say it worked wonders. It doesn’t even look like I ever had varicose veins because they are completely gone! The doctors and staff at the USA Vein Clinic in NY were wonderful. If you are looking for a fast, easy and painless procedure that takes less than 20 minutes, then I would suggest you look into the USA Vein Clinics. They have multiple locations across the U.S. Here is their website if anyone is interested.


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