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To many, these two numbers sitting side by side are a source of satisfying the late night munchies or filling up on gas when the tank is empty.
For me, these two numbers capture a magical moment in time that will be etched in my memory for eternity.

The day I said “I DO”
Fourteen years ago I married my best friend.
Fourteen years on, I am S.T.I.L.L married to my best friend.
Let’s not pretend it’s been sugar plums and roses, because it hasn’t.
Marriage is tricky!
Marriage is bloody hard work!
My marriage has lead me to contemplate an ‘out clause’ on occasion.  I wanted to run away and live with the Tibetan Monks. Apparently I talk too much, so my application was denied. BOOM!
I am not here to air all my dirty laundry or dribble over all the ‘marshmallow moments’.
I am here to say when you keep working at it, the results can be amazing. 
My marriage is crazy fun and filled with moments in time that I would have never ever dreamed of in two lifetimes. (as I type this post from my desk here in Chile South America)
Together hubby and I have managed to travel down each path hand in hand, always side by side and never in front or behind one another. 
We are proud to be called the Mum and Dad of our four adorable and (we think) absolutely gorgeous daughters.
We have allowed ourselves to lean on each other when the burden was too heavy to carry alone and we have always respected the fact that we are individuals who come together to dream the same dream.
Today I wish to tell my hubby just how Thankful and Lucky I feel to have him standing beside M.E.
Fourteen years ago I stood alongside you and declared my love for you in front of GOD and today I am declaring my love for you in front of the world.
Oh BTW hubby, the only greeting cards I can find are in Spanish, so please accept this post as my anniversary card from me to you.
                                                     HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MI AMOR,
                                           TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE ANYTHING POSSIBLE


  1. Amz · November 7, 2012

    Aww so cute… I remember this day like it was yesterday 🙂
    The thing I remember the most was the smiles!! & I remember at the reception you gave hubby a light for his Harley Davidson (I think).. if I remember also it was raining for a little while.
    Hugs & kisses, wishing you the best many more happy years to come. xx


    • SorrentoMoon · November 7, 2012

      Thanks my love – I remember the smiles and the RAIN and the RAIN and the RAIN. Much love to you xx


  2. brecoady · November 7, 2012

    Congrats! What a fun picture. We celebrated our 15th last month and just like you I haven’t ran away yet! I hope he takes you out somewhere nice to celebrate. Hello to all the girls from the Coadys!


    • SorrentoMoon · November 7, 2012

      Many thanks! I have to wait, he is travelling at the moment. That’s ok distance makes the heart beat stronger. I am keeping up with all things Coady’s via FB, love the Halloween pics. Maawaa!


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