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Well aren’t I glad that’s out of the way.
This afternoon at around 2:20pm (local time) the littlest one and I experienced our very first earthquake together here in Chile.  Initial reports are stating that the magnitude was 5.7
What an experience!
Ever since arriving in Chile it has been a family discussion that one day we will encounter an earthquake. 
It’s a given, right! – living in Chile, the ground is going to move whether you like it or not. 
Some nights hubby and I go to bed talking over OUR PLAN.
Now that’s funny, because today I got to put OUR PLAN into action and what do you think I did. 
I froze like a bloody block of ice.
In your head, when you talk over this earthquake thing, you have it all under control.  You gather your kids, assess the situation and then continue on with life after a shake.
In reality, it all transpires so fast that all I had time to do was freeze.  Standing there alongside my three year old holding out my hands but not grabbing her – waiting to see if I needed to catch the TV or the oversized painting on the wall or maybe just make a dash for the front door (with my child of course)
Thirty seconds of ‘what the bloody h#$$’ was that.
My feet still feel numb from the shaking and my heart is still beating rather quickly.
Emails and text messages are flying around the social network over here.  Hubby was in a cab across the Andes in Brazil, getting ready to catch a flight back to Chile – He is a little bummed because he wanted to be in town for our first ‘shake down’
Our girls are safe, my baby and I are calm and our house is still standing.
This time we were lucky, and we will never take that for granted.
Officially there have been no reports of any major damage, injuries or deaths.  All in all this was a ‘good’ quake!


  1. robyn mckenna · October 14, 2012

    Hi there, love reading your updates of what is happening, stay safe:-) Robyn


    • SorrentoMoon · October 14, 2012

      All good over here at the moment. Thanks for keeping in touch! xx


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