Well, ‘witch’ one are you?

The other night I had an evening ‘school thing’, well actually I had two school things and as usual I was flying solo and needed to be in two places at the same time with the remaining kids in tow.
So how to do this?
Well, one was an information evening and I wasn’t sure if other mums I knew were attending in order to take notes and the other was an evening solving maths problems while ‘getting to know’ other families in grade 5. 
No brainer really, was never that good at maths myself.
After walking into the cafeteria I quickly surveyed the room and hunted out a family who could potentially own my second born for a couple of hours.  Gave her a big kiss and told her to have loads of fun learning about maths problems.  (yippee!)
Now I have arrived at the second location filled with other grade 6 parents eager to learn about the school camp that was coming up in a couple of weeks. 
Not one other family had their children with them, just me.
I immediately took the back row of seats and told my three to sit down and be QUIET!
That worked for about 5 minutes and then the questions started and the whinging about when we would be finished and the “I’m starving, what’s there to eat!”
So I politely asked my girls to head outside and entertain themselves with the three plastic chairs and five concrete steps for the remainder of the evening. (which was already past bed time for my baby)
Fifteen minutes into the presentation a lady sneaks in late and quietly sets up a single chair behind me and then proceeds to pull out her knitting.
Multitasking, I love it.
As for my girls – in out in out, she hit me! I’m cold! can we go home!
I felt extremely embarrassed frustrated, my eldest was about to have her first big girl sleep over and I needed to be prepared. 
Thankfully the surrounding mums and dads appeared to tolerate my situation and occasionally dropped a little laugh when my three year old forgot to use her inside voice.
Deep breath!
The slide presentation was over and the Q & A time started, some mums darted out the side door – I should have seen that as my cue to vacate. 
Not one to leave a party early I stayed on.
There lies my mistake.
Knitting lady packs up her bag abruptly and leans across in my direction to let me know that this evening was a complete waste of time for her! ‘those’ children were far too distracting she couldn’t hear one spoken word.  Then poof, she was gone.
But wait you didn’t give me time to explain my situation.
You see my husband…..and we don’t have live in help…..and my daughters are usually in bed………hang on, wait! You forgot your broomstick!
Where’s the love, because I wasn’t feelin’ it last night.
Please mums support your sisters, I bet at any given time you have been in a similar situation.

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