Feet down (and running)

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Wow, let’s not point out the obvious – but………it’s been awhile since I last found a ‘quiet’ moment to gather my thoughts.
So here I am, some twelve weeks on, where switching hemisphere’s has made moving to Chile feel all that more closer to home.
OK, so it’s been awhile and now I am struggling to find a starting point!
The past couple of months have been so overwhelming, mixed with excitement, a bit of frustration thrown in for good measure, combined with a little mourning for the comfortable life we left behind in Canada plus the shock factor, because I personally  didn’t expect the language to be as big of a hurdle as I have initially experienced.
We left Canada in mid June, where all six of us shacked up in the Hotel Marriott Santiago for nine weeks (not bad aay).  Fast forward to mid August, we finally unpacked our worldly belongings and set up home in the posh ‘burbs’ of Lo Barnechea. 
All four girls started their school programs with a bang and we haven’t stopped running since. After school activities are offered every day and between the four of them someone has something on EVERY day.  New friends for the girls, new routine for the mum and a new business to grow for the dad.
With 20/20 vision it’s extremely obvious to say that life in Canada was pretty ‘easy’.  A comfy home, a brief stroll around the corner to the school bus stop – some days the big girls walked themselves to and from the bus (bonus!) – followed by a 3 minute car ride for #4 to get dropped off at preschool (every other day) Some days my car didn’t even leave the garage.
Just place a TAXI sign upon my car roof today and you pretty much have a perfect description of life ‘currently’ here in Chile.  While it is great to be needed, it becomes pretty sad when the only reason you are driving home is for a quick ‘loo’ stop only to turn the car around and do the same drive all over again.
You may detect a whine and quite possibly I may just be whinging – the flip side is –
I get it!
Life moves so fast for such a brief period in time and then I start whinging about how my daughters never bring the grand kids over to visit their little old nanna…….LOL! 
Now I am just delirious.  Where’s the real wine!
“Gotta go, gotta pick up the girls from school,  AGAIN!”

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