Feet Up


It’s 2.30pm in the afternoon, day three of packing up our home here in Canada.
The packing crew are ahead of schedule, so they politely suggest they will head off early today as nothing further can be done until tomorrow when the big container arrives to ship our things to Chile.
The littlest one has been missing for about five minutes upstairs, knowing there isn’t much mischief she can get into as everything is wrapped and packed I wasn’t too concerned.
Another five minutes later, after I had finished my slice of left over birthday cake from #1’s birthday celebrations yesterday, I decided I better check on #4.  To my amazement this little cherub has taken herself off to bed to have an afternoon nap, something my kids grew out of when they turned one.  Woo Hoo!
The big girls don’t get home for another hour, the packing crew have left for the day, and I have time to post a blog right in the middle of my moving madness.
My house is quiet; there is a certain stillness that sits amongst all the boxes and bubble wrap that I am taking comfort in.  I am starting to feel relaxed about what lies ahead and I truly believe it is because of a different mantra I managed to tap into prior to the countdown week rolling around.
“Stress little or Stress lots it doesn’t matter – it all gets done in the end”
I set the bar low and worked off the expectations that the unexpected will happen, and it did – even then I didn’t stress I kept working off an even base and now I have found myself in this zen like state for the next 60 minutes or so.
So excuse me if I go and watch the last ½ hour of a re-run of the Ellen Show and relish in the fact that a little planning and a lot of calmness goes along way when your world gets turned sideways temporarily.




  1. Renata Golik · June 14, 2012

    I always, and I mean always look forward to your blogs. You make me laugh, cry, excited and overwhelmed all at once. When I ready them, it’s like I’m sitting in front of you, cup of tea in one hand, and Tim Tam in the other.
    Can’t wait to receive your next one.
    Think of you often.
    ps…. Last week I finished the black ground pepper I helped myself to, from your pantry.
    pss.. when the word ‘Canada’ is mentioned here at home, Emma always pipes up ‘when are we going to go and visit Eleanor’.
    We haven’t forgotten 🙂


    • SorrentoMoon · June 14, 2012

      It’s so good to hear from you Renata – I love the way we can still connect even from across the waters as if nothing has changed (which it hasn’t really – I am still doing all the talking LoL !) Hope all is good at your end x


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