Disneyworld Florida

Can I please have your autograph Minnie!

Three weeks home from a whirlwind trip down south to Disneyworld Florida and my body is still aching from the experience.
With our time here in Canada coming to a close, I took it upon myself to ‘squeeze’ in a family vacation before heading off to Santiago de Chile. No better way to mark the occasion then with a typical North American holiday escape – do what they do – go to Disneyworld – so we did!
Firstly I must send a huge shout out to my friend Debbie for putting me in touch with a travel agency that deals only with Disney holidays www.fairytaledestinations.com I highly recommend you make contact with them if you are thinking of any Disney holiday experience (from anywhere in the world) – It’s a free service and they take the pain and confusion out of the daunting booking process, especially for us ‘virgin Disney travellers’. Two thumbs up from me.
In one word I would describe the entire experience as a MANIC holiday/accomplishment.
We did 3 different parks (with no hopper pass) in 3 consecutive days. Don’t recommend that at all! If you can afford the added expense grab yourself a ‘hopper pass’ – this is when you can move freely between parks (that you already have park tickets for) and don’t feel pressured in attempting to complete an entire park in one day (realistically it’s just not achievable, especially if you want to enjoy yourself, and more importantly borderline impossible if you are travelling with young children)
Perhaps throw a ‘park off’ day (no I said a “park off” day) in between visits, this allows you to refuel and regenerate – something this family missed out on completely. My poor family got stuck with me playing the ‘sergeant major’ role because I knew what had to be achieved in 4 short days.
Here is a quick synopsis of what I remember and what will stay with me forever.
You have to line up to meet with Disney characters and get photo’s taken – every character we went to (and I mean every) took their “I’ll be back in 5 minutes” drink break just as we got to the front of the line, could not believe our ‘luck’. I get that it must be hot in those suits and Daisy needs a drink but what are the odds, really!
Never refer to the characters as ‘dudes in suits’ in 5 short seconds you can ruin a little boys Disney experience. Whoops typical me not thinking before I speak – sorry little fella I thought you knew.
A must see is the evening light show and fireworks at the Magic Kingdom park, absolutely spectacular.
A must go on ride for me was at the EPCOT park – Soarin, not scary, just magic.
At the Animal Kingdom a live show performance was the Lion King – toe tapping best time ever.
My favourite memory – seeing my three year old realise she was about to meet Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel and Aurora. OMG priceless the look on her face.
So let me recap – Yes the time was MANIC and Yes we didn’t get to see and do all that I had planned and Yes we did come home utterly exhausted and Yes I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
If you and your family are considering a Disney experience I would recommend Disneyworld for sure – it just takes a little planning before hand and a few ‘park off’ days and you are set for a holiday you will never forget.

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