Where Do You Keep Your Bathroom Scales?

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I am a mum of four daughters, a position in life I will never take for granted, nor will I diminish by saying “it’s just a job”.  I feel extremely blessed to be given this opportunity, a chance to raise four strong, independent, self aware, confident, young women who I am hoping, will hold the utmost respect for themselves before anyone else.
Every day I strive to put my best ‘female’ foot forward.  I am always conscious of leading with a strong healthy attitude towards life, and constantly engage in conversations promoting the importance of self-worth.  My girls are told every day that they matter, and they do – no more or no less than your daughter.
I often find myself thinking about where this passion for self-worth comes from.  I don’t remember mum ever telling me she was off to burn her bra, nor do I remember any occasion when the woman’s movement held a meeting at our house – yet somehow I became very “at peace” with myself from such an early age in life.  A quality I am so anxious to pass on to my girls.
For me to gain more of an insight into how I evolved to this level of thinking/feeling, I find myself reflecting on the female role model I had and still have, my Mum!
Never did I see my mum pause for more than 5 minutes in front of a mirror, she looked turned sideways, glanced again and then left, (looking as gorgeous as ever.)  Never did I see my mum apply more than face powder, lipstick and hair spray before she walked out the door.  Never did I see my mum stand on the bathroom scales and highlight to me that she was unhappy with her weight  (even if she was) Never did I hear my mum tell me I had ‘let myself go’ and needed to lose a few pounds (even if I did)  Never did I see my mum flick through a magazine in the hope to find inspiration from the pages within.  (And for the record at 76 my mum can still “rock it” with the best of them!)
It is my belief, that my mum leads her life with the greatest sense of authenticity a soul could have.  Mum unknowingly led me on my own journey towards self-worth through her everyday actions – a footprint I am hoping to leave on my girls. 
So away with the scales, no time for the mirror and yes I will have that second TIM TAM thank you. 
It is an age old saying that will ring true always – “Actions speak louder than words” – Our girls are always watching, so lead with your best most positive ‘female’ footprint you can, your daughters will thank you for it in time to come.
So let me ask you again, where do you keep your bathroom scales, (out of sight I hope?)

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