Why I Moved To Canada

Goldcoast Queensland 1988 - The start of my journey to Canada

Hubby’s work may have taken us there, but it was my dreams and premonitions that made it possible, I’m sure of it.  For the longest time I had always known that someday, somehow I would live in Canada – I just couldn’t put my finger on the when and the why.
In my early teens I think it had to do a lot with my infatuation with Michael J Fox and how I had managed to convenience myself that even with the 10year age gap once we found each other, we would marry.
(insert sigh here!) Oh well, at least we are both happily married. Michael if you are reading this  –
call me: 555-3121
Still, that niggling feeling never went away.  I remained consumed with all things Canadian.  If there was a Contiki tour in town and they hit our local ‘haunts’ I could sniff out a Canadian in a matter of minutes – and better still, I could identify who was the Canadian and who was the Yank – I made loads of Canadian friends this way.
1992 saw me head off for a US/Canada fleeting visit.  Only got as far as Edmonton, when my sisters friend  offered to accommodate me for a short while – thinking maybe I was going to meet my husband during my travels, I took her up on the offer.  Unfortunately all I ‘picked up’ was a bad case of homesickness and a stamp in my passport.
Life moved on, I got married, (to an Australian) had kids and got a bigger car.  But I never stopped thinking about a life in Canada.  Then at the age of 37, hubby comes home and says he has been offered a job in Toronto Canada – do you reckon I had to think about my answer!
We arrived safely, we blended into the community, we found friends (amazing friends), I navigated around the streets and road systems like I had lived here all my life (even on the ‘wrong’ side of the road).  Whenever I saw a flag flying high, I had to pinch myself I was living in Canada. Everything about me living here felt so right.
Now that my time left in Canada is coming to a close, I have forced myself to reflect on the ‘why’ – maybe it’s a little too early to determine those reasons yet, but I know for sure that it was meant to be and I am most certain that my memories, along with my friendships will stay with me forever.
Thank you Canada, Thank you friends!

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