Re-Connecting With The Travelling Daddy


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The dynamics of my family are pretty traditional – Hubby goes out to work and I stay home. 
Hubby is a travelling dad, and has been for the most part of our relationship.  Before children, hubby’s work required him to be on and off planes quite regularly. (no he is not a pilot, just a busy business man)
So when I started bringing babies home, it was nothing new to find myself having to ‘deal with’  life and kids by myself.
I actually didn’t think anything of it – I just got on with it, and battled each task at hand.  I say that more so to explain,  I am not looking for praise or a pat on the back, as I relished my role and enjoyed being “at home” with our children.  (I still do!)
I secretly think I enjoyed having hubby ‘consult’ me with all things regarding our children. It made me feel important and needed, especially when they were babies.
Well, baby number four is almost school age and our three bigger girls are evolving into wonderful young girls with ‘oober’ strong and independent personalities. Being at home with the girls every day I have the added benefit to see how my role as the mum is beginning to change and develop into something different.
But what about Daddy?  Things really haven’t changed, have they?
He still goes to work, he still pays the bills and he still has 4 extra mouths to feed.  So when he raised the topic the other day – “I feel like I don’t fit in anymore” my heart just sank into my toes.
Hubby went on to explain, and soon enough it became quite clear just how tricky home life has been for daddy lately.  Even though he tries to spend as much time with the girls when he is home, he feels it is taking him longer to re-connect with them and finds it easier if he just sits back and ‘watches’. 
And it is true; we have our routine when daddy’s not around.  Everyone has a role to play when he is travelling and perhaps we forget to alter our roles when daddy gets home. 
It must be difficult for travelling dads to find their place within their ‘homelife’ – They can master their business world with such talent and control yet feel like ‘wall art’ inside their own home. 
What to do and how to cope?
This story is a work in progress, if you can offer up any suggestions or ideas on how Daddy, the girls and I can better re-connect after he returns from travelling we are happy to listen.
In the meantime we will try and remember to ask daddy if he wants to play too!
We love you daddy, we just forget to show it sometimes.

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