The Use of Media To Promote Violence – I Think Not!

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Should a public figure been seen promoting violence against others?

Recently I viewed a YouTube post that Mr Donald Trump has recorded commenting on his thoughts about how he would have ‘dealt’ with the incident between Sacha Baron Cohen and Ryan Seacrest last Sunday on the Red Carpet at the Oscars.

While I have no opinion about whether the whole incident was ‘staged’ or just ‘stupid’, I do care that a public figure has gone on record to encourage violence as being a way to respond to Cohen’s antics.

It just so happened that I spent the day at my children’s school listening to speakers discuss with the kids how to live a positive life – free from bullying within our schools and society. (Pink Shirt Day)

Then on the flip side I find a man (using the media) advocating violence towards another man.

How can we continue as a society to tell our children that this style of behaviour is not acceptable when the adults in their lives are not leading by example.

Don’t these people realise the magnitude of audience they can reach via all the social media avenues! – Of course they do and yet there appears to be no cause for ‘pause’ towards how this style of communication will appear to the younger generation in our world.

I’m sorry Mr Trump you are a bully existing in the business world and that is no less dangerous than a bully in our school yard.  You should be made accountable for your actions!

Redeem yourself Mr Trump and apologise for your words.  Tell our children that violence does not solve anything.  It’s not like you are seeking 15minutes worth of fame – why say it in the first place.


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