RIP Whitney Houston 1963 – 2012

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As we all know Whitney Houston left this world suddenly on Saturday 11th February, 2012 age 48.
With the rise and fall of someone playing out their life through the lens of a camera, I sense it gives people
‘free reign’  to randomly ‘weigh in’ on how she may or may not have lived her life and perhaps what she “should’da – could’da” done differently.
Is this OK?
Why do we need to surround this story with speculation, innuendos, drama, lies, etc….A mother, a daughter, aged 48 died. FULL STOP!

Why can’t the story end there? Why does there have to be a back story? Why does ‘world news’ continue to report that she may or may not have had a “drug addiction”. How does this constant stream of updated information effect us with our day to day living and most importantly it will never change the ending? 

If we as a society are suppose to be the driving force behind what makes ‘something/someone’  news worthy
– I think we need to step it up a notch and begin to feed it back to the ‘movers and shakers’  that on a whole the greater populace does not want to buy into this style of reporting.  Report the truth and then “move on”,
not “run with it”.
It is my belief, that too much of what is out there is full of false, inaccurate, embellished reporting – and people are not held accountable or stopped for this misleading (some say ‘nasty’) information being ‘published/documented’.

I think we may be forgetting that this is the ‘efootprint’ we are leaving our children, this is what we are expressing to them as ‘the normal’ – Knowledge is power and it is what we do with that knowledge that makes for the next generation to be stronger, better, wiser than us – How can this be if we are filling our ‘eworld’  with ‘dribble’ and not providing a solid foundation for our children to build from.

I am sorry that Ms Whitney Houston died suddenly aged 48. Many die suddenly every minute of every day, their stories hold no less or no greater value than this one.  So don’t ‘clog’ up our ‘ewaves’ and get on with the job at hand, tell/write stories that will make our society better off for knowing.

and......that's a wrap, thanks!



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