The Pitfalls Of Sharing Your Birthday Week With Your Hubby

Someone doesn't know their limit!

Okay so it’s pretty clear that I had a birthday coming up, it’s pretty clear that I was excited to be celebrating my 40th and it’s pretty clear that I wanted to make this week ‘all about moi’
Hubby arranged a romantic getaway in a gorgeous hotel downtown Toronto.
“Just get the kids looked after, so you and I can spend the weekend together, I’ll take you out for a lovely dinner so we can mark this special occasion”
That’s what hubby told me back in September.  So you can imagine how excited I have been since then.
“Your birthday will be all about you.  You won’t have to do a thing I promise” says hubby.
I think he felt compelled to mention that because my actual birthday fell midweek and his birthday was the Saturday night he booked our getaway for.  So he was reassuring me that he would down play his day for me.  “oh gee, thanks hun!” (goes without saying really)
Well, he did good (not!) he did make it all about me!
Me cleaning up his 2am mess that didn’t even come in ‘KooWee’ of the bathroom – the results of a ‘few quiet bevvies’ with the boys to celebrate his birthday the night before our grand planned weekend away.
Hmmm, great timing dear! 
It was still all about me at 3:30am and 4:15am and again at 6:20am when I had to listen to the awful noises coming from someone who was attempting to expel bile from their belly.  “Yuk Yuk Yuk!”
To his credit it was still all about me explaining to our girls why daddy is still in bed at 11am on Saturday morning. Still me, that now has to run the girls across to friends for their sleepover because hubby is unsure whether he was safe to drive and finally still me who has to drive into downtown traffic because he is still feeling a little shall we say ‘seedy’.
You will be happy to know that I did make it to the hotel, I did have a lovely evening (I went shopping!) and I did enjoy my weekend away.
Anyways now that we are on the other side of my birthday celebrations I have managed to forgive him for choosing to celebrate his birthday in such a fashion that upstaged my birthday and I can even see the humour in the photo’s he kept sending through over the course of his evening with the boys.

Note to self, next time I want to mark my birthday with an occasion, do it the weekend before hubby’s!

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