Don’t Be Shy, Just Say Hi!

Life is Like a Box Of Chocolates.....

Ever found yourself in a situation where you are having some quiet time on a park bench, or perhaps reading a magazine in the Doctor’s surgery, when a complete stranger comes up and parks their potentially uninvited ‘bee-hind’ right next to you.  At first you are too busy thinking about how your personal space has just been invaded, that you forget to notice the soothing aura your ‘stranger friend’ is radiating and before too long your whole demeanour changes and opens up to welcome this stranger into your space. 
You happily sit and converse with them for what feels like forever, talking about a wide cross section of topics and divulging personal details about yourself without any worry in the world.  Finally, your time together comes to a close and you bid each other ‘Adieu’.  You walk away feeling warm and fuzzy inside, when it soon becomes apparent, you uncovered absolutely nothing about them, yet felt so ‘oddly’ comfortable sharing everything about yourself. 
Nope, never happened to you like that before!?
Well clearly you and I have never met.  That ‘stranger friend’ is me, I am not sure what it is, but whenever I venture out into the world I have this innate way of discovering wonderful and amazing information about people and I am not even sure they realise what they are telling me.  Perhaps they do, perhaps they feel like their ‘stories’ will remain safe with me. (And of course they will) 
Family members that have witnessed this behaviour have often warned me about appearing too nosey. Oh, to the contraire my friends!  I can’t help this, I don’t seek these people out, it just happens and can I just say I always, always walk away equally ‘chuffed’ at what just transpired.  Most little meetings of the minds carry a more powerful weight to them than I will ever understand, but the sweet joy I receive from hearing and listening to all your stories far beats me attempting to decipher the hidden meaning.
Today I met a new mum, her six month old twins boys Bill and Ben (real names changed to protect their identity, they did rhyme though LOL), who ‘age corrected’  (never heard that phrase before) are actually four months old and don’t forget about proud Nana who had joined them for a day out.  Mum loves this new experience in her life, but is looking forward to reducing her maternity leave by a few months so she can go back to work earlier.  She and hubby are going to co-share the care giving responsibilities by each parent working shifts rosters. (good luck with that) Her husband likes dark skinned women (how did I find that out!) and all her life she wanted twin boys with bright blue eyes, which she got and feels very lucky about.  Lucky lady!
This conversation took place in a five minute turnaround as I sat down for a coffee and she repacked her babies into their twin pram.  In that time she did managed to ask me one question –
“How many children do you have?”
“Four, four girls actually”
Her response was “Oh how blessed you are, you lucky lucky lady.”
And she is right, I am blessed – and I thanked her for reminding me.  She commented that she had it ‘easy’ compared to me.  I reassured her, not easy just different and off she went. I reflected on her kind words while sipping my latte, realising if I didn’t strike up that conversation I wouldn’t have been reminded just how much of a lucky lady I am.  Here Here!
Next time you have the chance to sit next to a stranger; don’t shut yourself off from the possibility of discovering something new and exciting about yourself or your ‘stranger friend’  for that matter.  Do yourself a favour and say Hi, it might just be me!

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