There’s No Place Like Home

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My loss of focus and my lack of engagement in daily activities are so numbing at the moment it leaves me hiding under my bed covers curled up in a ball with an ache in the pit of my stomach.  Each morning I awaken with the hope that ‘today’ is the day to jump on board a QANTAS plane and head ‘Down Under’ to catch up with family and friends for the festive season.  Only to be hit with the realisation I still have thirty something more sleeps to go, around five weeks, approximately twenty three days of school lunches left, far too many dinners to even think about and a hurting spirit that isn’t living in the present because she is too busy worried about where she isn’t.
“Not long to go now” I find myself highlighting to the girls every morning at breakfast.  Why do I insist in sharing my sickness with them, they are happily enjoying their time spent in Canada, watching the weather change, attending birthday parties and ‘chillin out’ on weekends.  How come their head-space is calm and relaxed, I want to be like that.  My lack of motivation and desire to do anything exciting has left me running on empty – nothing else matters, except crossing the equator safely and celebrating Christmas back home in Australia.
Homesickness is the worst!  I am well educated, I realise that I can’t make the days click over any faster, yet I continue to be disconnected with life in Canada in the hope the my days will be shorter and time will travel faster.  Come on now – that’s not why I came on this journey, here I am potentially sabotaging the opportunity of making wonderful memories with my family so I can stay in bed and wish my days away.    
Time away from home is hard and tricky on occasions and I can appreciate it will not be forever.  Now I just need to turn that way of thinking into a positive and find the strength to push through this little road block.  I welcome any tips or cures you may have to help my homesickness subside and get me living in the now so I can continue to make loads more memory making moments before Canada is just a topic of conversation with my life back home.

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  1. Bernie · November 19, 2011

    Dorothy closed her eyes and said “there is no place like home” “there is no place like home” “there is no place like home” over and over again until she woke up lying down on her old bed.
    Was the trip down the yelllow brick road to OZ all a dream?
    Let’s look at the facts – What do we know?
    The flights are booked – the tickets are paid for – the bags are packed and she’s ready to go (sounds like a song) !
    It can hapen – it will happen – it is going to happen ! She almost there! I can feel it !

    What – hold the phone (or skype) – did you put on your red sparkly shoes and click the heels three times? Well no wonder!
    What are you waiting for!
    See you real soon Sis… love you heapsxxxxx


    • SorrentoMoon · November 19, 2011

      If only I could find my red sparkly shoes. Oh well I will just have to wait for the red sparkly kangaroo to take me home. Thanks for the comments it is great to know someone is reading. Miss you tooooooooo. Cheers SorrentoMoon


  2. Craig Hill · January 21, 2012

    I tried Dorothy’s method, but in the end I had to buy a plane ticket on QANTAS.


  3. Kirsty Rice · November 16, 2012

    Oh yes, I’ve been that girl. xx


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