The Blue Mountains in Ontario, Canada

The Village - Ski Slopes in the background

It’s like nothing I have ever seen before! The amazing autumn colours that surrounded my glorious landscape was so breathtaking and mesmerising I just wanted to stay there forever and forget about my daily responsibilities. 
Thanks to my long overdue weekend away with my girlie friends, I got to experience a part of the world that is so beautiful it was like stepping into a painting.  The scenery was just spectacular; something this little Aussie girl may never see again.
Our slope side condo well exceeded our expectations, as for our balcony, it almost allowed us to touch the autumn leaves dangling from the trees beside us.  When I slid the glass door across, it was like cleansing my soul.  Letting in that fresh autumn scent of clean air, crisp morning dew and a peaceful stillness was so blissful all I could do was stand in that space, close my eyes and attempt to permanently etch that moment into my “forever memories”.
Now that we have taken in the mountainside scenery it’s time to head over to the day spa and experience a slice of heaven on earth.  Tucked in behind endless rows of tall pine trees was what looked like a little hut type structure, oh how wrong I was.  Perched behind this facade was heaven!  The scenery in the background, the spa pools, the relaxation huts, the dotted rows of muksoka chairs and the lack of people.  How do I get to the other sir, please sir?

Heaven, Right!

We had arrived early to the Scandinave Day Spa in the Blue Mountains and after a quick slip into our bathing suits we were ready to do nothing for the next six hours. The hardest decision I had to make was whether to try the dry sauna or the eucalyptus steam room after the hot spa and before the cold plunge……and this problem kept reoccurring every couple of hours.  Know that I faced my challenge head on and had success every time. Bliss, just Bliss! Leaving the day spa, I felt relaxed and revitalized, ready to……, well ready to do nothing really, just sit and giggle, laugh and cry, eat, drink and be merry, with my girlfriends for the remainder of our weekend together.  Lucky for us we succeeded at that challenge too.
Day turns into night, night turns into morning and unfortunately it’s time to turn the car around and head for home.  Thank you to my lovely friends who exposed this part of the world to me, I will definitely hold this getaway in my ‘forever memories’.
Has there ever been a place you visited and thought it was Heaven on Earth? I would love to hear about it.

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